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Welcome to the Fall 2019 semester! The Distance Education team would like to help ensure that the courses being taught at both Taft Correctional Institution (TCI) and Taft Modified Community Correctional Facility (MCCF) run as efficiently as possible. As an instructor you will have access to the adjunct office (T6-G), copying rooms (G2 & Mail Room) and the DE office (G1). These locations will be used to pick up/drop off work and make copies. Please remember to pick up you badge from the IT office to gain access.

In order to ensure that student educational materials reach students in an appropriate time frame, please follow the procedures below.


By Monday August 19, please provide the Distance Education Office:

  • Copies of your syllabus.
  • At least the first two weeks of necessary course materials
    • All additional course materials should be dropped off at least one week prior to the date students need to receive it.
  • Enough copies of syllabus and course materials for each student in your course.
    • Copies can be made in G2 or the Mail Room.
    • Adjunct office in T6-G can be used to print single copies.
      • Contact the Office of Instruction in advance to arrange for a key.
  • Offline Instructor Preferences Form (see attached) for each of your courses.

If this your first time teaching an offline course at either facility, we would like to provide you with an open invitation to stop by our office in G1 before the start of the term. We would by happy to further explain or answer any questions you may have about the process.


Please do not hesitate to reach out throughout the semester if you have any questions or concerns:

Adam Bledsoe

Director of Distance Education

(661) 763-7781


Steve Richards

Instructional Aide (TCI)

(661) 763-7840


Heather Cash

Distance Education Aide (MCCF)

(661) 763-7878