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Offline Courses

Distance Learning Off-line is a mode of delivery that does not require online participation. You do not have to come to campus. You will need to follow the directions given in the course syllabus. Complete and submit your assignment and take your exams by the deadlines given in the class calendar, and contact the instructor if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. You can usually submit your assignments and exams through e-mail, postal mail, or in person.

Course materials may be available through the internet, but they can also be mailed to you if you prefer. Contact your instructor for individual course requirements.

Here is a brief description of off-line course processes:

Assignments: For each week of the term, you may be asked to complete readings assignments, writing assignments, projects, and other activities. You can work on your own time, but you must submit the assignments when they are due. To see what is due and when, please refer to the course calendar/schedule on the syllabus.

Submitting homework: You may be asked to submit your homework via e-mail, postal mail, or in person. Be sure to refer to the course syllabus for instructions on how to submit your work.

Questions: In an off-line course, you can’t raise your hand to ask a question. However, you can ask your questions by sending a message to your instructor through e-mail, postal mail, or fax. You may also contact the instructor by telephone. Your instructor will respond to your question in a timely manner.

Testing: At different times during the term, your instructor may test your understanding of the material. The instructor reserves the right to schedule a proctored exam. The course syllabus will list whether the course requires proctored exams. Directions on how to get your proctor approved are available in the campus resource center.

Grading: You will be assessed and graded on a combination of factors. For grading policies and grading criteria, please refer to the course syllabus.


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How to start your offline courses

  • Login to Canvas. All your course materials will be available for printing and download.
    If your instructor has not updated this area please call Distance Ed Help Desk for assistance.
  • Locate the Course syllabus and review all the course specifics. Contact your instructor if you have any questions or concerns.
  • Set up a proctor immediately if required. You can access the proctor identification form by going to this link: proctoring information page.
  • Contact your instructor or the Distance Learning Help Desk if you have any questions.