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Get to Know your Support Team


It’s a great idea to reach out when you need help, and there are many ways to get it!

  1. Your Teacher – for course-related questions, add codes, etc.

If you have previously taken a course with a particular instructor, you can contact them through Canvas.

To email an instructor, use the formula:  First initial + Last name+ (all lower-case).

Example:  Nicole Avina (DE Help Desk) =

Check the Faculty Directory

2. Distance Education Help Desk –  for any help with your online courses.

Call (661) 763-7917

3. Canvas Support – for any canvas questions.

Call 1-844-629-6838

Visit the Canvas Community Guides!

4. The Counseling Office – for registration/counseling questions.

Call (661) 763-7748

5.  The Library – for research resource help.

Call (661) 763-7707 or 763-7953

Visit the Library‘s Articles, Books and Databases.

6.  Net Tutor – for help with assignments/courses.

Access NetTutor and other LTIs (Learning Tool Integrations) right from your Canvas account!

About NetTutor

7.  Financial Aid – for Financial Aid questions.

Call (661) 763-7762

8.  Admissions – for help getting started/ other questions.

Call (661) 763-7741