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Simplifying Navigation Tabs in Canvas

WHY?  Simplifying Course navigation options helps keep students focused, and in some cases, keeps them from getting confused.

  1. Go to the course.
  2. Go to Course Settings and find the Navigation tab.
  3. Drag and Drop navigation items from the top (viewable to students) — to the bottom (hidden).  You can read the details on each item as you drop it down to know exactly how that content will be affected.

Photos on right:  Navigation Tab and Before and After hiding items.

Formatting Makes a Difference

The way you format information can make a big difference to students.  The way you format instructions and
the important details you choose to emphasize should help engage students and enhance their comprehension.

What to avoid:  Too much information without a break/ disorganized information.

What you want to do:

  • Insert illustrative pictures or infographics if possible
  • Separate information in digestible “chunks”
  • Use descriptive headings if the information consists of multiple parts
  • Add colored or highlighted text, bullet points, or use bold font for vocabulary words.

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