Creating a Sandbox in Canvas

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Creating a New Course Sandbox in Canvas


  1. Go to your dashboard, and select the Start a
    New Course button on the bottom right-hand side.  (Or all the way at the bottom of
    the page depending on the width of your screen.)
  2. Fill in the form.  Important: Please use the naming convention that we use for Sandboxes:

Name:  Josh Smyth
Format:  SB (For Sandbox)/ Course &Section/ Instructor Initials
Sandbox Title: SB BIOL-40 JS


Copying Developed Content into an Empty Shell

If you are ready to copy your Sandbox material into
a LIVE shell, here is a video tutorial on how to copy
a full course into an empty shell:

Important Canvas Course Tips

  • Your LIVE shells will not have an “SB” identifier in front of the title of the shell.

Ex. ADMJ 1501-20 MJ SP17  vs.  SB ADMJ 1507 KP

  • Course Status:  Make sure that your course is in PUBLISH mode on the course begin date. You can find your course status on the home page, or in the settings tab.


  • Canvas Rosters vs BANNER Rosters: Make sure to check your Canvas roster and compare it to your Banner roster.  BANNER is the roster that will always be the most accurate. Canvas rosters are a little more disorganized.  I apologize in advance.   Unfortunately, Canvas will keep all student enrollment history. Even students that dropped before census.  The cleanest place to see ACTIVE enrollment will be
    the Gradebook;  you should not see inactive enrollments there.  If you would like to create groups for inactive students, or groups for a plethora of other uses, see:  Create Groups.


  • Modules: If you use Modules, it is very important that you make sure each module is published. Even if all the content in the module is published, if the module itself is not published, students will not be able to access it.