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Logging into Canvas

You may have noticed, the Canvas Login process has changed

TIP: Access the Canvas link from our TC webpage

Access Canvas from the TC Webpage (avoid using old links)

  1. Go to the Taft College Website
  2. Click on the Book Mark Icon
  3. Select “Canvas Login

Now that you’re in the right page, let’s login.

  1. When you first sign in, you will have to enter your info, then Click “Login”. On the next pop up, you click “Continue”.
  2. If prompted, set up your security questions, and click “Continue.” You only have to set-up your account once.
  3. When you see the “Self-Service Action Successful” box, click the blue lettering that reads, “Try to continue logging in
Decorative image of the TC SSO Login Page- Getting Into Canvas Flyer