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Logging into Canvas_Via MyTC

 How to login to Canvas Via MyTC Portal:

Follow this link to login to Canvas: https://taftcollege.instructure.com/login/saml

Username will be your A number with a Capital A.

Password will be the first letters from your first and last name and the last 6 numbers of your student ID #. (no spaces, first letter is capitalized)

Example: Jose Garcia ID: A00123456


Password = Jg123456

After you log in, there may be an initial account setup process for your MyTC Portal. Complete the setup and login.

If you reach an OPEN CCC page, you will need to follow these Open CCC Login Page Instructions steps.

For returning users:

If you are having trouble getting back into Canvas call the Distance Ed Help Desk at 661-763-7917


When you log in, if you get a screen that says:

Screenshot from Canvas that says, Welcome to Canvas! You've enrolled in one or more courses that have not started yet. Once those courses are available, you will see information about them here and in the top navigation. In the meantime, feel free to sign up for more courses or set up your profile.

The course is not yet ready for students to enter. If you feel that your course should be open, call the Distance Ed Help desk or email your instructor immediately. You are responsible for your courses and your attendance.

What if something went wrong after logging in?

If you need detailed pictures of how to login to the new SSO Login Page, please explore this flyer. You will see step by step how logging in will look.

Steps for logging into Canvas

If you Login to Canvas, set up your security questions, and get stuck on this page, here’s how to get past the Open CCC Login Page.

Open CCC Login Page Instructions

If you get stuck on an Account Management screen after logging in, here are the steps to get into Canvas.

Getting to Canvas from the Account Management Page