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Faculty Resources- Canvas

Interactive Tools

These will be your go-to tools when teaching online courses. They will help you with getting ready for online teaching, how to effectively design your online course, and support for external tool use.

Decluttering Dashboard Video

Decluttering Dashboard

Setting Your Homepage Video

Setting Your HomePage

Deactivating a student video

Deactivating a Student

Updating your profile video

Updating Your Profile

First Friday Course Orientation training shell

First Friday- Course Orientation

First Fridat- Content Pages, Did You Know? Training course shell

First Friday- Content Pages

First Friday- Rubrics

First Friday- Rubrics

Spicing Up Your Assignments Video

Spice Up Your Assignments


Gradebook- Treat Ungraded as “0”

Moderate Quiz Video

Moderate Quiz

Quiz- Pull from multiple Question banks video

Quiz- Pull From Multiple Question Banks

Move questions to a new question bank video

Moving Question Bank Questions

Simplifying Course Navigation Tabs

Setting Your Homepage Video

Copying Course Content into Live Shells

Cross Listing Multiple Course Sections Video

Cross-Listing Multiple Course Sections

Making Course Videos or Using Library Videos


How to Use Canvas Mail

How to use Canvas Mail

Download Free Microsoft Programs

Download FREE Microsoft Programs

Canvas Help Tab Video

Canvas Help Tab

Canvas LTI Tool Resources:

ConexEd-Cranium Cafe

Proctorio 101 Training and Video

Proctorio 101

Zoom Outside the Box Training Shell

Zoom Outside the Box

Links for Students: