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Welcome Fall 2019 Students, you will notice:

New Students/Canvas Users:

  • Your classes will be visible August 25th. Some teachers may open classes before then.

For New and Continuing Students:

  • The first day of class will be August 26th. If your course does not appear on your Canvas dashboard, double check your Cougar Tracks schedule to assure you enrolled properly.
  •  Your course may be hidden in the “Courses” tab. If you cannot find it, reach out to the Distance Education Help Desk.
  • The waitlist goes away the first day of class, so if you did not get added, reach out to the instructor for an add code.
  • If you’re trying to get an add code, reach out to the instructor day 1 of the class.

If you need support with anything Distance Education, please feel free to reach out.

Meet Your DE Help Desk:

Distance Education Office Hours of Operation:

Monday – Friday from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

*During the summer term we work Monday – Thursday 7am – 5pm

Canvas Support (not Taft College staff):

For anytime Canvas support, including weekends and after hours, feel free

to call Canvas Support at 1-866-551-4903

Video chat on Cranium Cafe with Nicole Avina
Video chat on Cranium Cafe with Heather Cash

Welcome to Distance Education

Distance Learning provides a quality education for people who lead busy lives and desire to start or continue pursuing their educational goals. Distance Learning courses are just like traditional on-campus classes. You take your courses with a group of other students.

Your instructors are experienced professionals in their fields. Throughout your courses, you have ongoing, individual and group dialogs with instructors and other students.

The difference is there is no classroom to go to. There is no commute. You will never have conflicts with family obligations, business travel, or vacations. There is no chance of arriving late or missing a class because of illness or lack of childcare.

Our distance learning courses are the same university-transferable, community college courses taught on-site at Taft College. Students who are local to the area may choose to take them in-person at our campus. However, if you are located elsewhere or wish to learn at home, you are able to participate as a fully enrolled student via this distance learning program.

Enrollment is limited to the same number of students as on-site courses, usually 35 students, depending on the course. Each is available on a first come-first serve basis. Matriculated students get priority registration.

Taft College offers two types of Distance Learning courses: Distance Learning Offline and Distance Learning Online. Each is designed to facilitate your learning experience with the special advantages that Distance Learning offers:

  • More individualized instruction
  • Fitting college into your busy schedule
  • Easy access to your instructors through e-mail and voice mail
  • A multimedia approach to learning

Online learning is not for everyone, however. We’ve found successful online learners tend to be self-motivated and self-disciplined. They enjoy the challenge of learning on their own and take charge of their own learning. The following questionnaire might help you determine your readiness for distance learning: Self-Assessment Questionnaire. This questionnaire will help give you an idea whether or not you have the personality traits, learning aptitude, technical knowledge, hardware and software, and study skills for online learning.