Advisory Committees

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Taft College has several Career Technical Education advisory committees. It is the belief of Taft College that quality education is the result of a cooperative effort shared between the college and the business & industry community toward the development and implementation of relevant curricula and practices. The advisory committees serve:
  • To provide assistance to the college and students.
  • To help the Taft College determine the business & industry needs including workforce development.
  • To provide the essential connection between the Taft College CTE Programs, community, and the                     industry.
  • To advise on future program revisions, facilities, and equipment of the Taft College CTE programs.
  • To assist the college with resources and other support necessary to improve/enhance relevant CTE                  programs.
  • To meet the requirements of the California Chancellor’s Office for program advisory committee.
  • To provide responsible advisement and to make recommendations to the staff & faculty regarding the           development and operation of CTE programs.

The advisory committees typically meet 1-2 times per semester and more as needed.The program advisory committees include:

  • Dental Hygiene
  • Business & Management
  • Early Care, Education & Family Studies
  • Criminal Justice Administration/Administration           Justice
  • Energy Technology
  • Industrial Health & Safety
  • Plus Engineering (Pre-Engineering)
  • Court Reporting