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Article I-Name

The organization’s official name is the Best Buddies.

Article II-Mission

Our mission is to establish a global volunteer movement that creates opportunities for one-to-one friendships, integrated employment, and leadership development for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDDs).

eates opportunities for one-to-one friendships, integrated employment and l

Article III-Membership

Section One

Membership in “Best Buddies” is open to all Taft College students in good standing with Taft College (2.0 GPA or better) without regard to race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or politics.

Section Two

Students wishing to join “Best Buddies” need to contact the college chapter president, or advisor, and complete a membership application. Once your application is completed the Chapter President will begin the matching process and facilitate the beginning of your one-to-one friendship.

Article IV-Officers

Section One

Chapter Officers:

  1. Chapter President
  2. Activities Director
  3. Secretary
  4. Treasurer

Section Two

Chapter Officers Descriptions and Information

  1. Chapter President– oversees chapter activities, facilitates friendship matches, provides leadership to other officers, facilitates Best Buddies chapter meetings, completes necessary chapter paperwork and reports, maintains in regular contact with the Club Advisor and Host Site Coordinator.
  • Chapter President – also attends the Best Buddies International Leadership Conference typically held during the summer. This conference

Provides additional leadership training opportunities, fundraising ideas, facilitates college buddy director friendships, encourages networking, and educates the college buddy director about necessary chapter activities, meetings, fundraising, reports, and paperwork.

  1. Activities Director– coordinates with the Chapter President to plan, facilitate, and implement chapter activities and fundraising endeavors.
  2. Secretary– provides organizational support to other officers, records and keeps accurate meeting records, assists chapter officers in implementing chapter activities and fundraiser endeavors
  3. Treasurer– prepares and maintains the chapter’s budget, coordinates with the activities director to ensure chapter activities are funded, assist’s the buddy director with financial reports, and provides adequate records to the secretary.

Section Three

All interested potential officers need to complete a Best Buddies Officer Application and undergo an interview. The best applicant will be selected from the interviews conducted.

Article V- Meetings

Section One

There will be an Organizational Meeting at the beginning of each semester. The General Membership will have one meeting per month. In addition, the club is required to organize monthly social events over the course of the academic year.

  1. Organizational Meeting: these are mandatory for all club members.
  2. General Membership Meeting: To keep in good standing, members missing two general are required to notify the Secretary before the second meeting.
  3. Club Outings: Best Buddies outings are a time for the members to get together for a social activity. Members are encouraged to invite friends. Whether the activity is recreational, cultural, or educational, group participation and interaction is always emphasized.

Article VI-Committees

The Chapter President, and in some cases the advisor (s) shall appoint committees and recruit volunteers to serve on them as needed.

Article VIII- Parliamentary Authority

All official administrative and organizational policies are to be in accordance with Taft College guidelines for campus organizations and clubs.

Article IX- Amendments to the Constitution

All amendments will be approved and authorized by the “Best Buddies” Officers and Advisor (s) with the vote of the general membership.