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Work Experience Program Details

The mission of the Cooperative Work Experience Education program is to strengthen student learning by engaging students in enhanced on-the-job learning opportunities, enabling students to develop positive work habits and behaviors in alignment with generally accepted business principles, standards, and work ethics while applying the skills and knowledge acquired in their academic coursework while earning degree-applicable elective units.

This is an independent study course, which means students do not have specific set hours that they are required to come to a physical classroom to learn but do have required activities they must complete by deadlines. Students participating in the TC WKEX program will attend a required orientation during the first week of the course which will provide an overview of the syllabus and expectations. This course also requires an onsite consultation with the student, supervisor, and WKEX course instructor to discuss the students’ on-the-job learning. The remainder of the course is conducted using an online Canvas classroom shell. Required course activities include but may not be limited to: Learning Station Agreement, Learning Objectives Contract, Evaluations, Timesheets, Reflection, etc.

Students will be awarded units based on the number of paid or unpaid hours they complete between the date that they enroll in the Work Experience course and the date the semester ends.

Units PAID hours required UNPAID hours required
1 75 60
2 150 120
3 225 180

Student Application Process

The following four (4) steps are required and are the responsibility of the student:

  • bullet Read the Handbook
  • bullet Enroll in WKEX 1014 Using CougarTracks
  • bullet Log in to Canvas to access, review, and complete required documents* that are due 2 weeks prior to the course beginning.
  • bullet Attend Mandatory Orientation: All orientations are virtual and dates posted in your Canvas Shell. It is mandatory you attend an orientation before your first day of class.