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Welcome to Taft College!  We are pleased you have joined our educational community and hope that the time you spend here is rewarding both personally and educationally.  This handbook is provided to assist you while you reside in a TC residence hall.  The primary duties of staff members are to look after the safety and well-being of the resident students.  You should contact the person on duty if you have a question, problem, or emergency.

Please be aware of the regulations in this handbook and those of Taft College.  Remember, it is important in any group-living situation to respect the rights of others and to also accept responsibility for your own actions.

Application Process

  1. Complete and submit the online “Residence Hall Application”. (See below)
  2. Pay your $150 security deposit at the Cashier Counter in the Administration Building or call 661-763-7713.
  3. Students will be placed on a waiting list once the Residence Hall Supervisor receives a completed dorm application and confirmation of payment.

*This does not guarantee a dorm room.  Your deposit will be returned if you are not accepted into the dorms.


    1. Students must be enrolled in 12 units prior to moving into the designated dorm room.
    2. Contact the Resident Hall Supervisor to make an appointment to check in to the Residence Hall.
    3. All students will be required to upload a copy of a current, valid, government issued ID (with a photo).
    4. See the cashier to pay fees or make an appointment for a payment plan. (Required for all dorm students regardless of financial aid status unless a payment is made in full for the entire semester).
    5. Students must submit proof of a Covid-19 vaccination prior to being admitted into the dorms.

 Click below to go to the complete handbook and application.

2022-23 Residence Hall Handbook & Application.

Residence Hall Application