Ash Street Dorm

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Ash Dorms

Ash Street Dorm Entrance on a bright and sunny day with fluffy clouds hanging overhead in the blue sky

Location:  715 Ash Street, Taft 93268

Dorm Room Details

  • 20 rooms total
  • Maximum of 80 residents
  • 4 residents per dorm room
  • Total square feet per room = 436 sq. ft.


Living Room Space

  • 18′ long by 9 ‘ wide (162 sq.ft.)
  • Includes:  Desk area for 4 occupants and couch
Ash Street indoor common area with TV, desk seating
Ash Street dorm common area with more seating and desks
(NOTE:  NOT INCLUDED IN LIVING ROOM:  area carpet, wall decor, couch cover, ottomon, and decorative table)

Bedroom Space

  • 9′ long by 9′ wide (81 sq. ft.); 9’long by 9’wide walk space between beds and closets
  • 2 residents per bedroom
  • Includes:  Bunk beds, 2 closets, and 10 drawers (5 for each occupant)
Ash Dorm bunk beds with covers and fairy lights
Ash Dorm closet with hanging cloths, hangers and clothes hamper
Ash Dorm bunks at a slightly different angle
(NOTE: NOT INCLUDED IN ROOMS: pillows, bedding, blankets, lights, clothing, curtain, and decorations shown in photo)

Dorm Storage Pantry

  • 7′ long by 4′ Wide (28 sq.ft. wall to wall); 5′ by 3′ walking space (15 sq.ft.)
  • Includes:  counter space, drawers, cabinets, two open spaces for mini refrigerators.
Ash Dorm kitchenette with fridge, counterpace etc.
(NOTE: NOT INCLUDED: food, drinks, and appliances)

Sinks and Bathroom

  • Door between the sink area and bathroom
  • Sink area is open to the the living room (no door between the two spaces)
Ash Dorm restroom winks with mirror, 2 sinks towel rack etc
Ash Street Shower and toilet
(NOTE:  NOT INCLUDED: Towels and toiletries)