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Residence Halls

Picture of Ash street Dorm entrance.

The Taft College campus has residence halls for approximately 150 students. The College employs a Residence Hall Supervisor, Residence Hall Assistants,  and a campus safety and security team.  The goal of the Taft College Residence Hall staff is to provide a secure, supportive, and comfortable community designed to contribute to the personal and academic growth of each residential studentThose who reside in the Residence Hall while attending Taft College will gain an understanding of how to function in a group-living situation.  They will learn the importance of respecting the rights of others, self-relection, conflict resolution, and accepting responsibility for one’s own actions.

Part of dorm life is getting involved in campus life.  The Taft College Residence Hall staff encourages involvement in campus activities and events to enhance the students’ overall experience while living on campus at Taft College.  Visit the student life and/or athletic wepbage to see what’s happening on campus

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(Images from left to right:  Halloween Trick-or-Treat activity for kids in the Taft Community; ASO 9/11 Remembrance Tribute; GAME NIGHT: Women’s Basketball)

Housing Regulations

Students living in a residence hall must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 semester units and maintain a grade point average of 2.0. Students are required to participate in the food service program which consists of a 19 meal per week plan. The Student Center Cafeteria is open for 3 meals per day Monday – Friday and 2 meals per day on Saturday and Sunday. Residence halls are supervised by college staff and resident assistant’s whose primary duties are to help with problems and to enforce residence hall rules.

To be placed on the list for consideration of a residence hall room, a $150 security deposit must accompany the Residence Hall Application. When a student leaves the residence hall, all or any part of the security deposit not due to the College for damage to or loss of property of the residence hall and/or food service charges will be refunded.

Contact the residence hall office at (661) 763-7832, or send an email to

Applying for the dorms

Go to the Taft College Residence Hall Handbook link, thoroughly read handbook, then click on the application to apply on line.

Campus Safety and Security

Taft college’s top prority is to ensure the safety of the students residing in the residence halls.  The Residence Hall staff and the campus safety and security staff work in collaboration to make sure the dorms are monitored daily.  Any incidents within the dorms should be reported immediately.  Students can also submit incidents reports directly to the campus safety and security department.

Use this link to contact the Campus Safety office for general non-urgent issues.

Other Helpful Services

The Taft College food pantry, the Student Resource Center (SRC) is available to any student suffering from food insecurities.  There is a correlation between student success and basic needs security.  Taft College provides the SRC to assist students with their basic needs in an effort to help students with their success in the classroom and in their everyday activities.

Visit the Student Resouce Center/Equity page for more information.  To request items from the SRC, submit the online Student Resource Center Request .