Petition for Academic Renewal

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*Please review the criteria outlined in the administrative procedure below BEFORE completing this submission form. If you need additional help completing this form or understanding the criteria, please call 661-763-7748 to schedule an appointment with a counselor.

AP 4240 Academic Renewal


Title 5 sections 55044, 55046

students may petition to alleviate previous substandard academic performance, which is not reflective of present demonstrated achievement under the following conditions:

  • Since the completion of the coursework to be disregarded, the student’s minimum cumulative grade point average for all units completed, in a combination of transfer coursework and/or Taft College coursework, at the time of adjustment must be either:
    • 3.0 in a minimum of 12 units, or
    • 2.5 in a minimum of 18 units, or
    • 2.0 in a minimum of 24 units
  • A time period of at least two years must have elapsed since the end of term of substandard coursework to be disregarded.
  • A maximum of twenty-four (24) semester units completed within a maximum of two semesters and one summer session, which need not to be consecutive, may be alleviated.
  • Only units completed at Taft College may be disregarded.
  • Academic renewal will apply only to substandard grades of “D”, “F”, “FW”, and “NP (No Pass)” and “NC (No Credit)”. Only units and grade points from the requested courses with “D”, “F”, “FW”, and “NP ( No pass)” and “NC (No Credit)” grades earned during such a semester will be disregarded. Courses completed with a grade of “Pass” or “C” and above will continue to be used towards cumulative units and grade point average considerations and will meet any degree, major, general education, and/or transfer requirements.
  • Academic renewal cannot be used to alleviate substandard units or coursework which has been used to meet graduation requirements by a student who as previously graduated.
  • A student may petition only once for academic renewal.
  • Academic renewal will only be granted once from Taft College

A student must include all coursework, including academic renewal term(s), in the computation of cumulative grade point average towards honors at graduation. Academic renewal may not be used to raise the grade pint average in order to qualify for graduation with honors.
Academic renewal granted by Taft College does not guarantee that other institutions will approve such action. This determination will be made by the respective transfer institution.
When academic renewal procedures permit previously recorded substandard coursework to be disregarded in the computation of a student’s grade point average, the student’s permanent academic record shall be annotated in a such a manner that all work remains legible, ensuring a true and completed academic history. The student’s permanent record from the other institutions will not be altered.
Academic renewal actions are irreversible. Students should meet with a counselor before taking such an action.
Students with substandard coursework at other colleges/Universities need to contact those institutions to see if they are eligible for academic renewal under the provisions of academic renewal of said institutions. Taft College will honor academic renewal granted and annotated on an official transcript from other accredited colleges and/or universities.
Academic renewal procedures may not conflict with the District’s obligation to retain and destroy records or with the instructor’s ability to determine a student’s final grade.

Petitioning for Academic Renewal

  1. The student completes and Academic Renewal Petition with a counselor’s assistance.
    1. Forms are available in the Counseling Center, or on the Taft College website.
    2. The counselor will review the petition for compliance with policy and procedures.
    3. If petitioning for an Associate degree or career technical certificate, then the student must adhere to
      graduation/certification application deadlines as stated on the Taft College website.
  2. The student will submit the complete Academic Renewal Petition to the Admissions and Records Office for processing.
  3. The Admissions and Records Office will notify the student of the approval or denial of the request. Notification will be sent to the email address provided by the student on the Academic Renewal Petition.