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What is Assessment?

The Assessment is a suite of tests that measures your knowledge in math, reading and writing as you prepare to enroll in college courses. The results of the assessment in conjunction with your academic background, goals and interests, and multiple measures, are used by academic advisors and counselors to place you in the appropriate college courses.


Who is exempt from Assessment?

  1. Students who have graduated from an accredited U.S. college or university with an associate degree or higher.
  2. Students who have declared one of the following goals:
    • Advance in current career/job
    • Maintain certificates/license
  3. Students who have previously been assessed within the last two years from a California Community College, California State University, or University of California and have written verification of placement and scores. Taft College multiple measures will be applied.
  4. By taking the Pre-Assessment Questionnaire students might be exempt from testing. Please complete the PAQ questionnaire and allow 24 hours for a response. It should be noted, you may have to submit your unofficial transcripts and or test scores to be exempt from testing.
  5. Students who submit Early Assessment Program (EAP) results that have achieved ‘college readiness’ or ‘conditional readiness’ for English and/or math. High school transcript required for ‘conditional readiness’.
  6. Students who submit Advanced Placement (AP) results with a score of ‘3’ or higher for English and/or math.
  7. Students who submit College Level Examination Program (CLEP) results with a score of 50 or higher on the Pre-Calculus or Calculus exams. (exempt from math portion of assessment only)
  8. Students who have previously taken an English and/or math class from another college or university and provide documentation/transcripts.
  9. Students will only be exempt from the section of the assessment test that documentation is submitting for (i.e. Writing, Reading, and/or Math). The College will make reasonable efforts to ensure that all exempt students are provided the opportunity to participate in the assessment component as a valuable service and to retain enrollment priority.


Rules and Regulations:

  • NO cell phones, IPods, mp3 players, or other electronic device(s) allowed in the Testing Center. Please put your cell phones on silent and stow it in your backpack/purse and store it under the table along with any books or other personal items.
  • No children in the Testing Center
  • No food or drink allowed in the Testing Center
  • You will be monitored by video surveillance while testing



If you would like to practice the Accuplacer (Assessment), visit the link below. The Accuplacer Practice Tests help students become familiar with all aspects of the college placement test. Full length practice tests in Reading Comprehension, Sentence Skills, WritePlacer, Arithmetic, Elementary Algebra, and College Level Mathematics are all modeled on the Classic Accuplacer sample questions presented on the College Board web site. This system helps students become familiar with all aspects of the college placement test.

What to Bring

  • Photo Identification: Students must show a photo ID in order to take an assessment test. This can be any form of ID as long as is displays your picture and full name.
  • Make sure you have your student ID “A number” with you when you arrive.


Off Campus Testing

  • If a student wants to be assessed off campus he/she must contact the testing center to set up the exam.
  • Each student must find a proctor. The student is responsible for any fees associated with the test proctoring or any center fees.
  • Once a proctor has been assigned he or she will need to call or email the Taft College Testing Center for further information.




Testing Accommodations

  • If a student cannot make it to an assessment they may request an individual testing date. There must be a documented reason as to why an individual date is necessary.
  • A proctor must be available the entire testing session in order for the student to take the exam.


High school testing

  • All on-site high school testing is conducted by Taft College’s Outreach Specialist Joanne Dumbrigue. Please call 763-7926 for further information.

What do my scores mean?

After Testing

What’s Next?

  • Schedule a counseling appointment: 661-763-7748. Please bring unofficial copies of ALL transcripts and test scores.
  • A full analysis of your scores will be made available at your counseling appointment.
  • See if you qualify for Financial Aid. Apply on-line at You may also qualify for scholarships, grants, or special programs (i.e. EOP&S, CalWORKs, SSS). Please see your counselor/advisor for further information.
  • Register for classes on-line and pay on-line or at the Cashier’s Desk: 661-763-7713. Be aware of payment deadlines!
  • Get your Student ID Card in the Library and your parking permit at the Cashier’s Desk in the Student Services Building. Consider purchasing an ASB Discount Sticker (available at Cashier’s Desk) for additional savings at the Cougar Corner Bookstore.
  • Purchase your textbooks and class materials at the Cougar Corner Bookstore or on-line 1-2 weeks before your classes begin.