State Default Recommendations

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State Default Recommendations

You have been cleared for Transfer Level Math and English courses. However, you have the right to start at a level you feel is best suited to your ability. Remember, studies show students who go into Transfer level course work have a better chance to graduate, but it is still your right to begin where you feel it is most appropriate. Below are directions on how to conduct a self-guided placement. Follow the steps below.


Step #1-Review your high school transcripts to obtain your accumulative GPA. If you cannot obtain your transcripts, self-reporting will work.

Step #2- Review State default placement recommendations.

Step #3- Choose an English course from TC’s English sequence.

Step #4- Choose a Math course from TC’s math sequence.

Step #5- Register

State Default Recommendations

Taft College Course Sequence

*Please contact your counselor for clearance.


Supportive Services: are available to assist you with your classes. With the passing of AB705, most students will be placed directly into transfer level English and math classes. Students should be familiar with the support services available, if needed, to maximize their ability to successfully complete all classes.

Support services recommended include:

  • Meeting with professor during office hours
  • Meeting with counselor to discuss any concerns
  • Utilizing the math lab and writing lab in the library
  • Visiting the tutoring center in the library
  • Attending supplemental instruction sessions
  • Forming study groups with class peers
  • Taking STSU courses to develop organization and/or study skills
  • Using online resources such as Khan Academy

In addition, it is important students understand Taft College’s repeat rules. Taft College catalog states “A student who has earned a substandard grade of D, F, FW, and/or NP in a credit course at Taft College may repeat the course two times for the purpose of grade alleviation. A student who has earned a standard grade of A, B, C, and/or P in a credit course at Taft College may petition to repeat the course when certain circumstances apply. W’s are counted in attempts for repeat purposes. A student may repeat a course for which standard or substandard work has been recorded by obtaining the written permission of the Director of Admissions and Records, PRIOR TO THE TIME OF REGISTRATION.”


For more information on registering, please click the link below.