Academic or Concurrent Support Resources

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Additional academic or concurrent support is often recommended for your success in English and math courses, along with other courses. We encourage you to take advantage of the resources available to you.

Support recommendations include:

  • Seek help early in the semester and appropriate academic or concurrent support resources will be provided to you based upon your needs
  • Meet with your professor during office hours to discuss your class questions/concerns
  • Meet with your counselor to discuss your academic goals, courses, options, and concerns
  • Visit the Learning Center for free tutoring, located in the library
  • Attend supplemental instruction (SI) sessions, if available for your class
  • Form study groups with other peers in your classes
  • Take Student Success (STSU) courses to develop organization and/or study skills
  • Use any academic accommodations provided to you
  • Use online resources like Khan Academy and NetTutor for free tutorials, practice problems, and real-life help