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Matriculation Plan

Matriculation is a legislated process that is regulated and monitored for annual evaluation.  This plan will be compared with the colleges’ matriculation expenditure reports, to track and study activities for the technical assistance site reviews, and for fiscal reviews.

The matriculation plan contains standards as they relate to the matriculation process and prerequisite implementation at Taft College.

The plan thoroughly describes the implementation of each component being addressed, and all state-funded matriculation services, procedures, and staff activities are described.


The eight components of matriculation are: (1) Admissions; (2) Orientation; (3) Assessment; (4) Counseling/Advising; (5) Follow-up; (6) Coordination/Training; (7) Research/Evaluation; and (8) Pre- and co-requisites.  For each component the college will address the following four areas:

  1. Legislative and Regulatory Requirements
  2. Activities
  3. Goals
  4. Staffing


Taft College adheres to the California Community College Chancellor’s Office and State Senate Regulations for implementation of matriculation components. To view these documents in their entirety, please select from the tabs, sub-tabs and links of interest.

Taft College Credit and Noncredit Matriculation Plan

Last Edited On: @ March 3, 2011