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By Gloria Saldivar



In 2004 Taft College was granted District A Measure of $39,800,000. The District A Measure is a general obligation bond intended to enhance and create new facilities that will benefit our campus. When all the construction is completed, Taft College will have a new “Master Plan.”


The following “Measure A” projects have been completed as of June 30, 2013:


· Campus Landscape/courtyard


· Campus Parking maintenance phase 1


· Child Development center phase 2


· Community Technical center (RFE)


· Land Acquisition phase 1&2


· Main plan development


· Maintenance & Operations facility


· Science modernization


· Swing Space phase 1 &2


· Utility Infrastructure Phase 1&2


· Center of Independent Living.


The Citizens Oversight Committee is in charge of overseeing the entire construction project. They “review the budget and construction project performance analysis reports presented by AP Architects.” The committee also takes tours of the ongoing construction to observe the progression of the construction.


The construction on campus has not been troubling of any kind. The campus has truly come a long way since it was first established in August 30, 1922. Believe it or not but our campus is only of few other community colleges to have on-campus housing. Speaking of on-campus housing; the dorms on campus are to go under modernization. That right, Taft College has set aside $1,950,350.00 for dorm modernization.


Students can also look forward to a new Student Union which Taft College has set aside $11,038,319.00 to build it. The new student union will have everything a student desires on campus. Well, everything a student needs on campus. The student union will have one of the most important things on campus to a student; the cafeteria. Students will no longer have to make the decision of staying in the cafeteria to eat, or walking the long journey to the student union to eat and relax in a student filled environment.


Student also won’t have to travel the long journey across the street to the bookstore anymore because it will be located in the student union. The student union will definitely be the place to be on campus.


Taft College is only expanding at this point. It will continue to grow and thrive on good education for the benefit of students.

Taft College’s student-edited, annual literary publication A Sharp Piece of Awesome is still accepting submissions for its fifth issue. Although Taft College students edit and produce the publication, anyone can submit. Please share the flyer below for submissions with any interested students, colleagues, or friends who are writers and would like the chance to see their works in print. In past years, not only have student submissions been chosen for inclusion, but also work by alumni and other writers within our community and beyond, including noted poets Robert Duncan, Julia Bloch, James Meetze, and Garrett Caples. Professors Chris Chung-Wee, Danielle Harris, and Bill Devine have been published in previous issues as well. Copies of issue four, created by last year’s Literary Magazine Club, are still available for sale at the Taft College Bookstore and on The submission deadline is November 30.


Drama Club meeting

Drama Club

By Jessica Guillen
Drama Club is a fun and fantastic activity to enjoy  and really embrace your theatrical side. With Shoshanna Kukuliev as the president and Alexander Victoria as the secretary, there will be many exciting events to come; for example, they hope to put on more powerful and exciting plays. They meet every Wednesday in the Art Gallery at noon so come join today and get involved in the art of acting!

By Lisa Ybarra

Students who are planning to transfer to a CSU next fall are invited to attend CSU application workshops. You can start applying to CSU’s on Wednesday, October, 1. If you need help or have any questions about applying, these workshops will help! The workshops will be held October 2nd and 23rd from 11am-1pm in room T-14. To sign up call the counseling center at 763-7748 or sign up at the front desk in the student services building!

This year’s book, Enrique’s Journey by Sonia Nazario, is the true account of Enrique, a 17-year-old boy from Honduras who makes a perilous journey to the United States in 2000, after eight failed attempts, in order to be re-united with his mother. The 2006 book is based on journalist Nazario’s Pulitzer Prize-winning Los Angeles Times articles on children migrating to the U.S. atop trains from Central America.

Here at Taft College, we are holding a community symposium exploring ethical issues in Taft and surrounding communities to give students a chance to interact and hear informed and varying opinions, from respected community members, on the many ethical issues discussed in Enrique’s Journey. To accompany the debate, Central American cuisine will be served, which is generously donated by The Foundation.

Please join us on October 14 at 6pm in the Cougar Room for this exciting community discussion. Seating is limited. Copies of Enrique’s Journey are available for purchase at the Taft College Bookstore.

By Lisa Ybarra

Breast Cancer Awareness Week is being held October 6 through October 10. The Taft College volleyball team is selling t-shirts to help spread awareness. Below is a schedule for Breast Cancer Awareness Week and also the t-shirt order form. You can save it to your computer and print it out. Turn in your order form with check or cash into the athletic mail box. Orders must be turned in by 9am on Friday, October 3. The shirts will arrive before Friday, October 10 so that you can wear them to the matches. Admission money from the three home games will be donated to breast cancer research.

By Lisa Ybarra

Taft College students and members of the community are invited to cast a ballot for the People’s Choice Award for the current Best of Spring 2014 art exhibit in the TC art gallery. The works on display were created by students from various art classes. You can pick up and turn in ballots at the TC art gallery Monday through Friday 9am-4pm, room T-11. Voters can cast more than one ballot as long as it is not on the same day.

The winner will be announced at the reception being held for the students on Thursday, October 2 at 4pm in the TC art gallery. The winner will receive a cash prize thanks to a grant from the Taft College Foundation. Everyone is invited, so come show your support!

By Michael Clites

The Taft College library had a bit of a makeover this summer.  Remember the room near the library books that had a bunch of children’s toys and books in it? That was a classroom for Taft College’s child development course that was moved to the northwest corner of the library.  Why did the college decide to move this area? To put in a little more suitable classroom for the Inco classroom.


Another notable change about the library is the new tutoring center located right next to the new Inco classroom. Before, this section was more of a spot where any student could study, get homework done, or simply to just pass time while waiting for another class to begin. But now, this area is used for students who seek tutoring in a course. This area may still be open for the students who used it before, but its main focus is for the students who need help in their studies.


When asked about the changes done to the library and how they could benefit students and staff, current librarian Terri Smith had lot to say. ” The new Inco classroom will be a huge success because it allows the students of the course to be more hands on with the books and have an easier time learning how to properly resource them; as far as the tutoring center goes, I have no idea how it will turn out because it is something that has never been done before.” Smith hopes that the tutoring center draws in more students to the library to “actually get work done and not eat lunch or socialize with friends.”


But these changes most likely will not be the last to hit Taft’s library. Smith says that the library’s new motto is “change, get used to it” because you just never know what can be fixed, renovated, or simply just improved. So if you’re a student who is seeking a place to get tutored, your options are not limited with the Taft College library.

Dylan O'Brien, Will Poulter, and Ki Hong Lee in The Maze Runner

The Maze Runner is a new sci-fi and action adventure film based off of James Dashner’s 2009 book of the same name. The film stars Dylan O’Brien of Teen Wolf fame as the main protagonist, Thomas, who at the start of the film finds himself in what our characters call “The Box.”


The premise is simple enough: the Box is an elevator that rises from beneath the ground every month to deliver animals, supplies, and a new member to the makeshift community that the young inmates have created. The members of the community all share a very specific trait, being that they are all male. The young men call their new home the “Glade,” and while they have no memory of their previous lives, many desperately wish to escape the dense and dangerous maze that encapsulates the Glade. Upon his arrival, Thomas learns of the hierarchy and rules of the Glade.


Alby, who was the first boy to ever be taken to the Glade, is the community leader. He is a strong and smart, and portrayed well by Aml Ameen. Thomas Brodie-Sangster also turns in a strong perfomance as Newt, Alby’s second in command. Will Poulter plays the intense and forceful rule follower, Gally. Naturally, Thomas’ curious nature and Gally’s intent on abiding by the rules draws them into conflict with one another. Alby had instituted only three laws for the community to follow: everyone must carry their own weight, no one is to ever harm another Glader, and no one must ever explore outside of the Glade without the proper permission.


Thomas discovers that the Gladers are given different jobs, with some boys becoming “Runners.” Therein lies the main plot point; Thomas wants to become a Runner so that he can explore the Maze and discover an exit strategy. However, the young Runners, led by Ki Hong Lee’s Minho, have explored and mapped the surrounding maze in the hope of finding a way out for the past three years. While the audiences’ first introduction to Minho starts off with a bad impression and he has to share screen time with an ensemble cast essentially, he becomes a fan favorite by the film’s end.


One of the film’s few weak links lies in Kaya Scodelario’s portrayal of Teresa. While her significance is made clear by the fact that she is the first girl to ever enter the Glade, as well as her connection to Thomas in a previous life, her character is never truly fleshed out and her purpose never really explained. As the Maze Runner is a trilogy, it can be expected that more of Teresa’s story and her relationship with Thomas will come to light in the second film.


The Scorch Trials is already set for a release date of September 18th, 2015. At the conclusion, some questions are answered and many more arise. While the film’s end may be unsatisfying for some, it is undoubtedly the set up for bigger and better things to come.

Cameron Werner in a promotional image for Canvas

By Nicolas Fequiere

Canvas Wear is a clothing company that was begun in April 2012 by Cameron Werner, a graphic artist from Bakersfield, CA. In his own words, he “started Canvas Wear to spread creativity in the community as well as share the love of God through [his] passions and hobbies. Over the last two years, Canvas has been a stamp on not only myself but the overall concept of Canvas has changed peoples view on creativity as a whole.” Werner is unapologetic about his faith, but never overly insistent on sharing his personal beliefs.


He explains that his passion for art comes from God, as well as his father, who also happened to be a graphic designer. Werner’s father taught him about art and design, even as a child. He explains that even though he fought against becoming an artist for quite some time, he eventually began to see it as his calling as he got older.


Canvas Wear is essentially “not for profit,” as all proceeds earned are funneled back into the company to create even more art that Werner uses to promote creativity and inspire positivity. He now sees it as his responsibility to keep his fans happy and supply them with awesome artwork that they can not only wear, but bond with on a more personal level. In the past, Werner has also done tattoo designs for others. Some of his biggest inspirations are those who have walked this very same path before him and achieved success, such as his mentor Barret Colvin, who works for Neff Headwear.


While Canvas could be considered Werner’s flagship company, he also runs Werner Designs, which is his graphic design business. He has helped many young people with grand aspirations to get started off on the right path to achieving their dreams. He creates amazingly beautiful logos and other designs for new clothing companies and local bands. As he explained to me, he does not see the clothing industry as a competition as it pertains to Canvas’ role in the marketplace. He only hopes to focus on fostering others and their own dreams.

Werner Designs

Werner is intensely focused on helping others achieve their dreams, as it pertains to graphic design and artistry. He understands the importance of asking for, providing assistance, and engaging in collaborative efforts with others in order to uplift an entire community of young creatives. While he comprehends the direct effect that his talents have had on the local scene, Werner also gets caught up in the little moments. He explains that he appreciates every single time he sees a random person at the mall wearing a Canvas shirt or anytime he sees someone on Instagram post a picture tagging the Canvas page.


For those who are looking to achieve success in graphic design or start their own business, Werner offers this advice: “Stay passionate and follow your dreams. Never give up when it seems hard… Never stop believing in yourself.” You can check out more of his designs on his personal Instagram account: @Canvas_Cam and you can support Canvas at @Canvaswear on Instagram. If you wish to purchase Canvas products, they can be found on the official website:

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