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Condors VideoCondors Fight for the Kelly Cup

By Kendyl Chavez


For the second time in twenty years, the Bakersfield Condors have made it to the second round in the playoffs for the Kelly Cup! This past weekend the Bakersfield Condors played the Stockton Thunder in two exciting games.


On Friday night, the Condors played their first game against the Stockton Thunder. The first period was extremely intense with Thunder player, Nichaolas Tremblay, making the first goal of the night and giving the Thunder a lead 1-0. The second period started with another goal by Thunder player, Ryan Hayes, increasing the Stockton lead. The Condors fans started to get crazier in the stands and the Condors players were able to score two goals within ten minutes by players, Ryan Watson and Chase Schaber. The second period ended with the score of 2-2. The third period was a long period of missed shots until Condor, Joel Broda scored a goal with five minutes left in the game! The Condors were able to hold off the Thunder for the rest of the game and won 3-2.


On Saturday night, the energy in the Robbobank Arena was through the roof, and everyone inside of that arena was ready to see the Thunder lose again. The first period started with a Condor goal by Nick MacNeil. The period ended with many shots taken from both teams, but the Condors were able to hold off the Thunder, ending the period in a score of 1-0. When the players returned for the second period, both teams seemed to come back out on the ice with an even higher intensity level. The Condors and Thunder continued to go back and fourth through the period until the end; neither team was able to score in the second period. As the third period began, the crowd was more encouraging than ever, and the Condors fed off the crowd’s love and energy. Condor Greg Miller made a goal on a power play that ensured the Condor’s victory with the leading score 2-0. Once the game ended, all of the high energy and intensity came out on the ice and fights broke out amongst the Stockton and Bakersfield players!


This week, the Condors continue the series in Stockton for three more games, and if they’re able to win two of these three games, the Condors will return back home to complete the series. If the Condors are able to pull off two victories, they will play their next games are on May 13th and May 14th at 7:00 p.m. inside the Robbobank Arena. GO CONDORS!


An Evening of Jazz


By Alejandro De Alba


Taft Union High School will be hosting an evening of jazz that will be held on May 24 at the Westside Recreation Center Auditorium, 500 Cascade Place. The Doors open at 5:30 p.m. and dinner will be served at 6 p.m. and is expected to last until 8 p.m.

There is a limited amount of individual tickets for sale at the price of $25, and reserved tables of 6 will cost $150. The event is open to the public and tickets will be going fast so don’t hesitate purchasing in advance.

Tickets are available from any band student or from Amanda Posey at TUHS. You may also purchase tickets over the phone by calling Jane White at (661) 623-1299, or Shelly Gable at (661) 293-0074


Bake Off Results
by Juan Ochoa
Allisa Tweedy was the 1st place winner in Taft College’s 5th Annual Dessert Throw Down. The Throw Down was a fundraiser for the college’s “Stop Cancer in its Tracks” cause.

Allisa won the competition with her Oreo Cupcakes. She was also awarded this year’s Baker of the Year plaque.

2nd place went to Linda Powers who made Seven Layer Magic Cookie bars.

3rd place was a tie between Cindy Johns, who made Buffalo Chip Cookies, and Jennifer Altenhofel’s Caitlin’s X-mas treats.

Battle of the Sexes Video

By Gloria Saldivar

Spring Fling week was full of fun surprises here on campus. On Tuesday, April 22, 2014 students and faculty took part in a couple of fun activities and the main event everyone was anticipating, the dance off!

Faculty was the first group to show off their fun and goofy dance. They surprised the crowd with their groovy dance moves. The on/lookers were filled with oo’s and aa’s as well as laughter from watching them perform.

Next up was the dance off between the boys and the girls. This is where things started to get competitive. No one wanted to lose the battle especially since friends were there to witness either their epic victory or their sad loss. The girls started off the battle with a nicely practiced dance routine which the boys had to top. The boys came up with some funky dance moves that had the crowd laughing. The girls knew that the competition was putting up a good fight so they executed their second dance which topped their first dance as well as the boys’ dance. The boys then performed a humorous dance routine which had the crowd going wild.

There was then what seemed to be like a one minute vote to determine the winners, but to everyone’s surprise, it turned out to be a tie. The boys and girls then had to come up with a dance on the spot to prove that they were the ultimate winners of the battle. This time the boys decided they had to go first. They shocked the crowd with their feisty dance moves that spilled out onto the performance stage. The girls came up with their final dance and proved themselves victors of the battle.




Kaylynn Clark


The Department of Transportation announced a scheduled one way traffic control of westbound and eastbound State Route 119 between State Route 33 to just Elk Hills road in Kern County between May 5th through the 9th between the hours of 6am and 3pm each day. Construction crews will be conducting one way traffic control during this time with the use of a pilot car.

Due to the construction of the roads, many students make experience road delays, so make sure to leave earlier to be able to make it to your finals or classes!

Kaylynn Clark

Something big is coming to Taft, and it is definitely exciting news! A short film is going to be shot locally called Midland. The short film is going to be featuring local oil workers and women between ages 18-30, that will be cast during an open call on May 10th from 12pm to 4pm at the Taft Chamber of Commerce. If acting isn’t for you, there is also an opportunity to work behind the scenes if you have industry experience.

This is a great opportunity for many Taft College students that are interested in acting or the field of drama. The film will be shot from July 12th through the 13th and is a great way to gain experience!

By Lisa Ybarra

The Department of Human Services is hosting a job fest April 30th at The Historic Fort from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM. Eighteen employers are expected to be at the festival with 138 job opportunities.


Some of the employers who will be interviewing include Taft Correctional Facility, Bakersfield Police Department, Starstruck Entertainment, Aera Energy, Auto Zone, City of Taft, and Continental Labor just to name a few.


If you’re looking for employment, you do not want to miss out on this opportunity. Be sure to look your best!


Kaylynn Clark

As drought conditions persist in Kern County, many businesses are starting to enact water conservation efforts. Although many agriculture and energy companies are doing their part to conserve, solving the draught issue truly starts within every single household making a small change in consumption. Surprisingly, there are many easy ways to help save water that will not dramatically change your current lifestyle. Doing full loads of laundry using cold water rather than smaller loads is one way to start, as well as cutting your shower short by a few minutes. Small changes can really add up to a large amount of water being saved.

Additionally, Southern Gas Company is helping their customers conserve resources by providing free Energy Efficient Starter Kits. The kits include three faucet aerators and a low flow shower head that help to save water in an efficient way. Overall, the company has reported a 25% decrease in water use because of their efforts. Even if you are not a Southern Gas Company customer, you may purchase the aerators and low flow shower heads at a reasonable price at any local hardware store.

To find out more about SoCalGas Energy Kits, go to

Wine and Food Festival

by Juan Ochoa

On Thursday April, 24th, a fundraiser was held for the Taft College Transition to Independent Living Program at the Historic Fort here in Taft. The Taft High Jazz Band provided music for the annual Wine and Food Festival.  Chef Geoff Dunham catered to the event, providing hors d’oeuvres to accompany the wine and micro-brews. A few trips were auctioned among other things in order to help raise funds for the college’s TIL program.


WheelChair Bakestball



Wheel Chair Basketball

By Alejandro De Alba


The Rolling Chariots a team of disabled basketball players played the Taft College Cougars a team of staff and faculty. The crowd was pumped up and ready to explode with kids from the neighboring elementary schools. The Cougars won the opening tip off, but after that, it was all down hill.


The Cougars looked strong on the opening tip, but once the first shot of the game was taken, the Chariots took control and never let up. The crowd went nuts after every basket made by the Chariots, and it didn’t end until the final whistle of the first half. The first half was over and the Chariots were leading 12-0 that looked like a statement being made from opening whistle.


Once the second half started, the Cougars started to play a little better defense and by defense I mean holding on to the opposing teams wheel chair so they couldn’t get past them and had to pass the ball around. But, even that didn’t work because the Chariots managed to put good string of passes together to just lay the ball up for and easy basket. At the end, the Rolling Chariots were the big winners.


I spoke to Bill Devine after the game and asked him how many years has he been participating, and he said “7 years now, and that it is too fun not to be apart of.” He even mentioned that the “games remind him of the Harlem Globe Trotters playing their archrivals the Generals because of how one sided the game is every year.”

So in the end the Rolling Chariots defeated the Taft College Cougars 18-0.


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