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By Gloria Saldivar

Last Week on April 29, 2014, the Stem program hosted an event to inform people from all over campus about our mobile stem lab. It turns out that we have the only one across the nation! We have had our awesome mobile lab stored away in storage for a quite a while because no one had any ideas for it.

The mobile lab was designed to help students understand science, math, engineering, and technology. Our lab has a connection with NASA to help collect data from outer space explorations through radio telescopes. Students working in this area of study also have direct links to talk with scientists. This gives a real hands on experience for students to be engaged in. Now the stem program is opening up to other departments on campus such as Art, English, Social Science, and Dental Hygiene. The lab has the ability to transmit live data to other states so students can have a visual to understand their area of study better.

The lab is designed with four computers on the inside that project to the four big screens located on the outside of the lab. The lab also has its very own Rover that collects data wherever it is released. The lab also has the ability to set up its very own Wi-Fi hotspot wherever it goes which is very convenient for learning sessions.

The Stem program is preparing to use the mobile lab a lot more often. Getting students engaged in their studies is the priority, and the Stem lab is a perfect way to do exactly just that.