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By Jessica Guillen
One Book, One Bakersfield, One Kern has been a very succesful program since 2001. This year, the program held an event right here at Taft College in the Cougar Room.

This year’s book was Enrique’s Journey by Sonia Nazario. The people who attended asked questions based on the main topics in the book: gangs, familial bonds, immigration, and disease. The discussion was very broad and robust, but it was exciting for everyone.

The panelists had a lot to talk about as well. This event’s panelists included Liane Young, Bianca Cavazos, Dr. Greg Golling, Flardel Hayo, and Marta Maya. It was a unique event and something to really challenge people in their opinions.


photo Ibarra

Ibarra playing for Taft College

By Michael Clites

Imagine being one of the most versatile athletes with the best athletic abilities. Imagine having talents so good that any college would kill to have you a part of their athletic team. Now imagine having these athletic talents and going so under the radar, that no college recruiting scout even offers you anything to be a part of their squad. These scenarios are all to real for former Taft College Men’s Soccer star, Miguel Ibarra.

Ibarra is a California native born in Lancaster. He had played soccer his whole life but was never a part of a major or notable soccer program which made it difficult for college scouts to notice this secret talent. But there was one coach who noticed his athletic abilities and was extremely eager to bring this him to his program. This coach being none other than Angelo Cutrona, Taft College’s men’s soccer coach.

Coach Cutrona was first exposed to Ibarra’s talents while attending one of his PDL club soccer games against Cal State Fullerton. “Miguel, he was dominant in that game. He was blowing past players and hit a couple of absolute 20-25 yard bombs, upper 90. After that game, I figured there’s no way I had a chance to get him because surely this kid must have Division I offers. And if he doesn’t then Fullerton is going to be all over him” says Coach Cutrona.

“But they never approached him,” Cutrona said. “They just missed him. Not just Fullerton, I don‘t want to single those coaches out. He probably would have gotten seen more if he lived some place more populated or played on a bigger club. But it’s not like coaches didn’t see him. They saw him and they missed him.” This being the case, Cutrona got the steal of all steals which resulted in Ibarra joining the Taft College soccer program.

Cutrona’s recruit did not disappoint as he exceeded expectations and helped Taft to a state championship in 2008. After his years at Taft, Ibarra was picked up by UC Irvine. At Irvine, Ibarra instantly flashed his play making ability, scoring a goal with 10 assists as a junior. As a senior, in 2011, Ibarra added goal-scoring to his attributes, finishing with nine goals and eight assists and being named the Big West Conference offensive player of the year.

It was accomplishments like this that helped Ibarra take his talents to the next level, professional soccer. After college, Ibarra was drafted by the Minnesota Timbers soccer team where he played mid attacker. His speed, agility, and drive is what made him stand out more than others.

In September 2014, Ibarra received a call from the U.S National team saying they want him to be a part of their squad this fall. Ibarra will be a part of the team in the U.S friendly match-ups against Honduras and Ecuador. Now there is no say whether Ibarra will get the start, but one thing is for certain and that’s that he is making his former college of Taft proud. The buzz about Ibarra is intriguing to students and faculty because he is representing his alma mater. Taft doesn’t get much recognition and the fact that one of their former student athletes is a part of the United States soccer team is pretty uplifting. No matter what happens, the former Taft College alumni has brought inspiration and smiles to the students, teachers, and athletes across the campus.

photo Ibarra

Ibarra recently playing in the pros.

Soccer photo

Taft College’s Women’s Soccer Team on the Move

By Michael Clites

During the week of October Sixth through the tenth Taft College was sporting pink all throughout the school in order to show support for breast cancer awareness. Not only the students and faculty, but athletes as well. One way athletes around the nation like to show their support for breast cancer is by combining pink somewhere into their uniform during a game. Taft College’s women soccer team was sporting pink jerseys during their game against league rival, College of the Sequoias, on October 10th.


The game couldn’t have gone any better for the Lady Cougars as they stampeded their way over C.O.S (College of the Sequoias).Within the first three-minutes of the game, middle fielder Rebecca Vasquez scored the Cougar’s first goal. But the scoring wouldn’t stop there for Taft. Along with Rebecca, Ariel Manzano, Celia Rangel, and Anyela Jimenez all scored in the first half of play. Six unanswered points were put up by the Lady Cougars in the first half, putting C.O.S in quite a predicament early.


The score would remain 6-0 in the second half, giving the Lady Cougars yet another win on their record. Taft’s women soccer now has a winning record of nine wins, three losses, and one tie.


Maybe it was the pink jersey’s that had gotten the Lady Cougars fired up on Friday’s game, or maybe it’s the fact that it was the first league game. Without being said, TC women’s soccer has one simple goal in mind, and that is to win. So far, this goal is being accomplished and could bring some exciting momentum to the team. This momentum will definitely be needed as the Lady Cougars travel to West Hills College this Friday for yet another crucial league match-up.


So keep your eyes and ears open for TC women’s soccer, and show your support for the Lady Cougars. Their talent is far to substantial to go unnoticed by students of the college.

Coach Walsh Photo

Teammates high fives after a goal


“The Taft Chamber of Commerce will be hosting “Oktoberfest” in Taft from October 16-19, 2014 on the Rails to Trails (6th Street and Supply Road). Join the Taft Chamber for a fun event featuring a carnival, bands, food vendors, beer garden (if you’re 21 and over), and more! You can purchase tickets at a discounted price at the Chamber office.” -Taft Chamber of Commerce

Pink fashion show photo

Pretty in Pink Fashion Show

Fashion photo

Contestant for the Cure

As the month of October creeps in, the weather begins to drop and the awareness level goes up. The month of October is national breast cancer awareness month and Taft College students and faculty know how to show their support. The most common way to express awareness is to wear pink and from October sixth to the tenth, there will be waves of pink support flowing around campus.


As in the past, the Taft College volleyball team is selling t-shirts to help spread awareness. But selling t-shirts isn’t the only thing the volleyball team is doing to support the cause. On Friday, October 10th, there are three athletic home games. All admissions monies collected from these sporting events will be donated to breast cancer research.


But the awareness isn’t all brought upon by the athletes at Taft College. Students, teachers, and all staff members are encouraged to join the annual “Pretty in Pink” fashion show on Thursday, October 9th.The main prospects for the fashion show are tough, strong men of Taft College willing to dress like pretty pink princesses in order to show their support.


ASB Advisor Myisha Cutrona says that ASB Vice President Rebecca Vasquez has “great ideas to make the event even more lively than the past.” There will be fun, music, and plenty of laughs going on. As for the brave male souls who choose to be apart of the fun, a prize shall be awarded to the top student, as well as the top TC employee of the contest.


Granted, there are a lot less embarrassing ways to show support for breast cancer, but this can help bring smiles to the faces of those who are victims to, or know a victim of breast cancer. But it isn’t just about this one week or the one fashion show, it’s about the whole month of October and the millions of women who have been effected by this terrible disease. So throughout the month be sure to wear pink and maybe even donate money to breast cancer research by attending the home athletic games at Taft College.

Fashion photo

Fashion for the Cure

fashion parade photo

Pink Cure Fashionista


Lydecker  setting up for showing

Lydecker setting up for showing

By Jessica Guillen

Artist, Bill Lydecker has a great talent for drawing and painting. He has been using is extraordinary talent since he was a child and continued through college. His paintings are made quite uniquely, using buckets of industrial paint and geometric shapes. Lydecker mentioned that he likes to “not be consciously in control,” when he is working on a painting. This October and November,  you can find Bill Lydecker’s exceptional work on display in the Art Gallery, Monday through Friday 9-4.


Officer Altenhofel

Officer Altenhofel

With school security becoming more and more important, Taft College has been looking for ways to make sure that students can feel safe while on campus. Most buildings at Taft College have electronic locks that can be locked with one button in case of an emergency. The only buildings that do not are the G buildings which are portable classrooms near the edge of campus.

According to Officer Altenhofel of the Taft Police Department, a recent lock down drill raised awareness to the fact that teachers in these buildings had to step completely outside to lock the classroom door. Since the G buildings are unable to have electronic locks installed, the Lock Blok was the best solution. The Lock Blok is a device that allows doors to remain locked at all times while allowing students to enter and exit without causing a distraction. The device is a piece of rubber that keeps the door open just a fraction of an inch which in case of emergency can be slid out of the way, closing the already locked door.

Altenhofel hopes that this will help students feel safer while attending classes in the G buildings this semester.

photo of lock block

Lock Blok





By Jessica Guillen

We recently had an exciting event held at the cafeteria’s banquet room known a, 3D Printing. STEM Coordinator Rachel Belden, and the science faculty had a wonderful idea to introduce 3D printing to the people of Taft College. They hoped to open the students to different areas and learn design skills as well. This event was rather enticing and definitely taught people a few things such as a new way to design and introduce them to what the future holds.



TC Before & After Pictures 

By Gloria Saldivar



In 2004 Taft College was granted District A Measure of $39,800,000. The District A Measure is a general obligation bond intended to enhance and create new facilities that will benefit our campus. When all the construction is completed, Taft College will have a new “Master Plan.”


The following “Measure A” projects have been completed as of June 30, 2013:


· Campus Landscape/courtyard


· Campus Parking maintenance phase 1


· Child Development center phase 2


· Community Technical center (RFE)


· Land Acquisition phase 1&2


· Main plan development


· Maintenance & Operations facility


· Science modernization


· Swing Space phase 1 &2


· Utility Infrastructure Phase 1&2


· Center of Independent Living.


The Citizens Oversight Committee is in charge of overseeing the entire construction project. They “review the budget and construction project performance analysis reports presented by AP Architects.” The committee also takes tours of the ongoing construction to observe the progression of the construction.


The construction on campus has not been troubling of any kind. The campus has truly come a long way since it was first established in August 30, 1922. Believe it or not but our campus is only of few other community colleges to have on-campus housing. Speaking of on-campus housing; the dorms on campus are to go under modernization. That right, Taft College has set aside $1,950,350.00 for dorm modernization.


Students can also look forward to a new Student Union which Taft College has set aside $11,038,319.00 to build it. The new student union will have everything a student desires on campus. Well, everything a student needs on campus. The student union will have one of the most important things on campus to a student; the cafeteria. Students will no longer have to make the decision of staying in the cafeteria to eat, or walking the long journey to the student union to eat and relax in a student filled environment.


Student also won’t have to travel the long journey across the street to the bookstore anymore because it will be located in the student union. The student union will definitely be the place to be on campus.


Taft College is only expanding at this point. It will continue to grow and thrive on good education for the benefit of students.

Taft College’s student-edited, annual literary publication A Sharp Piece of Awesome is still accepting submissions for its fifth issue. Although Taft College students edit and produce the publication, anyone can submit. Please share the flyer below for submissions with any interested students, colleagues, or friends who are writers and would like the chance to see their works in print. In past years, not only have student submissions been chosen for inclusion, but also work by alumni and other writers within our community and beyond, including noted poets Robert Duncan, Julia Bloch, James Meetze, and Garrett Caples. Professors Chris Chung-Wee, Danielle Harris, and Bill Devine have been published in previous issues as well. Copies of issue four, created by last year’s Literary Magazine Club, are still available for sale at the Taft College Bookstore and on The submission deadline is November 30.


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