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What is the instructor’s role in Supplemental Instruction?
The primary role of the instructor is to support the SIs by promoting SI sessions throughout the semester. Brief announcements reminding students to utilize the open labs and sessions can be made by either instructor or the SI periodically. We encourage instructors to meet with the SI regularly during the semester in order to discuss the course.

What is the SI’s role in my class?

The SI’s role in the classroom is to model successful student behavior by going to all scheduled class meetings on time. The SIs are to go to class prepared and take notes. SIs can assist in classroom demonstrations and discussions at the instructor’s discretion.

How will students know about SI?

At the beginning of each semester, the SI will give a short presentation to the class about Supplemental Instruction. The class will be told about the SI website, lab hours, and session times. The instructor and SI are encouraged to promote the SI sessions throughout the semester.

How can I request an SI for my course?

A request is emailed once a semester to all instructors. Please fill out the appropriate form and reply to Lori Sundgren at or by phone 763-7747.