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Supplemental Instruction provides academic support through facilitated study sessions. SIs lead weekly sessions where students practice and discuss course content and develop study skills with their peers. SIs are also part of the Learning Center staff in the library.

Spring 2023 SI Supported Classes


Class Instructor SI
Biology 1510.20 Lytle Liz
Ethnic Studies 1510.21 Mendoza Greg
History 2204.40 Altenhofel Greg
History 2231.22  Altenhofel Greg
History 2231.23 Mendoza Liz
History 2232.21 Atenhofel Greg
History 2232.22 Altenhofel Liz
History 2232.40 Altenhofel Greg
History 2232.43 Altenhofel Liz
History 2232.46 Altenhofel Liz
Psychology 2200.20 Eveland Greg
Psychology 2200.21 Eveland Liz
Psychology 2200.22 Oja Greg
Psychology 2200.23 Oja Liz