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General Lost & Found Policy

Lost and Found property is maintained by the Public Safety Officer. Found property is held in the Public Safety Office for 90 days*. All reasonable attempts are made to locate the owners of property turned into Lost and Found. Property not claimed within 90 days is disposed of or donated to charitable causes.

Perishable items, items of no apparent value, or low-value personal items that would present hygiene issues if used by other than the owner (such as lip balm, hair clips, etc.), will be discarded.

* Found Student IDs are turned in to the Taft College Library.
* Found rental books are turned in to the Taft College Bookstore

Found Items

If you find an item, turn it in to the Public Safety Officer (661.763.7872). After hours, turn the item in to Campus Security (661.747.3258).

Click here to see a current list of found items.

Claiming Found Items

Contact the Public Safety Officer via telephone (661.763.7872) to arrange to claim an item. Please have photo ID with you when claiming an item.

Report lost items using the form below