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Dental Hygiene

Dental Hygiene Program

The program is a two-year full-time course of study culminating is an Associate Degree in Science in Dental Hygiene. The program is designed to prepare students to provide preventive, educational, and therapeutic services the foster total health through the promotion of optimal oral health. Students are required to first take the written National Board Examination at the end of their second year of the program. Upon graduation, students qualify to take the clinical State Board Dental Hygiene Examination. A license to practice Dental Hygiene is issued to the student after successful completion of the California Board.

Life Sciences


  • Craig Johnson, Professor
        Bot 1/1L, ENST 10, Phys 7/7L
  • Dean Sheehy, Professor
        Anat 6, Biol 1/1L, Micro 8
  • Michael Highers, Professor
        Biol 1/1L
  • Rick Miranda, Associate Professor
        Biology & Anatomy
  • Donna Headrick, Adjunct Instructor
        Biol 15, HEd 41
  • Harold Heiter, Adjunct Instructor
        Biol 1

Life Sciences Course Descriptions



  • Michael Highers, Professor
  • Brian Jean, Professor
  • Diane Jones, Professor
  • Mariza Martinez, Associate Professor
  • Tom Teegarden, Professor Emeritus
  • Larry Cook, Adjunct Instructor
  • Jane Cuellar, Adjunct Instructor
  • John Cunningham, Adjunct Instructor
  • Roland Maier, Adjunct Instructor
  • Ruby Payne, Adjunct Instructor

Math/Statistics Course Descriptions
Math/Statistics Course Sequence
Math Lab

Physical Sciences


  • Michael Mayfield, Associate Professor
       Chem 8/9, Chem 10
  • Michael Rollins, Associate Professor
       Chem 10, Phyc 2A
  • Don Bandy, Professor
       Geog 1
  • Evie Einstein, Adjunct Instructor
       Geol 10
  • Randy Stephenson, Adjunct Instructor
       Geol 10
  • Tom Ware, Adjunct Instructor
       Geog 1

Physical Sciences Course Descriptions