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To find out if you qualify for Finish Line Scholars Program funding, please complete this request form. If you have any questions please contact Financial Aid at (661) 763-7762.

Student Wireless Network

To log into Taft College’s wireless network, enter your A Number for the User ID and your Password is your first initial capitalized followed by your last name initial and the last 6 numbers of your A Number.

Example: Student Tom Jones with an A Number of A0002005 would use A0002005 for the User ID and Tj002005 for the Password.


  • Kern Division Retired Teachers’ Scholarship Application February 4, 2021

    The Kern Division Retired Teachers’ Scholarship Application is now available. Applicants must be pursuing a career in teaching and must attend a California University to apply. Deadline to submit the application and subsequent materials is March 19, 2021 by 4:30 p.m. No late applications will be accepted.

    Click Here to download the application.

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  • Taft College Community Scholarship Application January 19, 2021

    The Taft College Community Scholarship Application is now available. With one application, you may be eligible for several different available scholarships. Deadline to submit the application is March 19, 2021 by 4:30 p.m. No late applications will be accepted.

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  • In Case You Missed It, View the 2020 Taft College Virtual Commencement Ceremony on YouTube NOW August 24, 2020

    Here is your DIRECT LINK to our celebrated, one-of-a-kind 2020 Taft College Virtual Commencement Ceremony:
    Never miss a Taft College video premiere again! Become a SUBSCRIBER to the Taft College West Kern Community College District YouTube channel today.
    Heartfelt congratulations to all graduates of the Taft College Class of 2020! You did it. You beat all the odds. We are incredibly proud of what you have accomplished!

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  • Taft College Leadership Stands in Solidarity against Racial Violence June 7, 2020

    Taft College Logo

    Dear Taft College students, faculty, staff, and community members,

    As an education leader in our region, Taft College joins the critical discourse taking place in this community and across the nation in the aftermath of the murder of George Floyd on Memorial Day, May 25, 2020.

    We are outraged that Mr. Floyd was brutally killed in Minnesota by a police officer while three other police officers watched. All four officers have now been charged in the crime. As history has shown, this is not an isolated incident against Blacks and people of color in the United States. These senseless acts of racial violence must stop now.

    We must all engage widely in the essential conversation about ongoing, systemic racism in our democracy, and the civil unrest it perpetuates. Racial inequities are no longer permissible or excusable in a country that long ago should have internalized the painful lessons of the Civil War and the Thirteenth Amendment abolishing slavery in 1865. In 2020, 155 years later, it is unacceptable that any one of our innocent students, faculty, or staff feels genuinely afraid for their safety and life anywhere in these United States. Discrimination of any kind cannot be tolerated. The responsibility for righting these wrongs lies with each one of us to stand for justice with our fellow citizens who face daily oppression.

    At Taft College, we proudly welcome all students, faculty, and staff from diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, and traditionally marginalized groups, regardless of race, gender identity, and/or sexual orientation. Student equity and success are central to the Taft College Vision and Mission. Our Vision “is to instill a passion for learning, leading to success for all.” Our Mission includes “creating a community of learners by enriching the lives of all students” we serve. Taft College Core Values include Innovation, Diversity, Creativity, and Critical Thinking. Our policies state clearly that “Diversity is a condition of broad inclusion that offers equality and respect for all persons.” These are not just words. At Taft College, all means all.

    In addition, Taft College fosters an environment conducive to Learning, Fairness, Dialogue, and Continuous Improvement. To enhance our ongoing Dialogue at the College, for example, we will be adding race and equality forums over the course of this year and next, as CDC guidelines allow, to be able to interact with our students and the community on these critical issues. We will update you when we definitively know more about these forums. Taft College also has resources available for students and staff who may need additional support at this time.

    As Juneteenth approaches, and we celebrate the emancipation of African Americans, we invite everyone to participate in this essential conversation and claim their rightful place at the communal table to honor the ongoing work and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. whose stirring words align with the Taft College Vision and Mission: “whatever affects one directly affects us all indirectly.”

    Respectfully yours,

    Dr. Debra Daniels

    Brock McMurray
    Executive Vice President of Administrative Services

    Severo Balason
    Vice President of Student Services

    Heather del Rosario
    Vice President of Human Resources

    Dr. Leslie Minor
    Vice President of Instruction

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  • Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (HEERF) Reporting Disclosure June 4, 2020

    The US Department of Education Certification and Agreement directs each institution applying for Higher Education Emergency Relief Funds (HEERF) to comply with Section 18004(e) of the CARES Act and to post the following information 30 days after the date when the institution received its allocation under 18804(a0(1) and updated every 45 days thereafter.

    Below is the link to West Kern Community College’s reporting as of 6/4/2020:


    Below is the link to West Kern Community College’s reporting as of 8/6/2020

    Higher Education Emergency Relief Funds Reporting Disclosure_8.6.2020.pdf

    Below is the link to West Kern Community College’s reporting as of 10/28/2020: FINAL REPORT


    Below is the link to West Kern Community College’s quarterly expenditure reporting under CARES Act Sections 18004(a)(1) Institutional Portion, 18004(a)(2), and 18004(a)(3)




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  • Students March 24, 2020

    To obtain technology support, please call the helpdesk (763-7737) or send an e-mail to ITS will return your call/message as quickly as possible! Thank you!

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  • Since Taft College is closed, we added even more online student services March 20, 2020

    Library and Tutoring: The Library and the Tutoring Center are now closed to walk-in students, BUT their services are still available online. Go to their web pages for more information:
    Learning Center
    Testing Center: The Testing Center is closed until further notice. Students should work directly with their instructors for exam purposes.
    Distance Education: The Distance Education office is closed for walk-in students, BUT their services are still available to students. See their web page for more information.

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  • Taft College offers comprehensive online student services as the college is now closed March 20, 2020

    Taft College will continue delivering services online to help our students succeed in their academic and career goals. Please click on the following links below:

    Admissions & Registration
    Counseling Center
    High Tech Center
    Financial Aid
    Transfer Center
    Free Internet Service

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  • COVID-19 FAQs from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention March 18, 2020

    Taft College cares about your health and the health of our community. Here are answers to some of your frequently asked questions about Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).
    For the most accurate and up-to-date information, visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

    Click here to download a Coronavirus FAQ

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