Salary Credit and Staff Development

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Requests for consideration of courses for salary schedule credit are submitted to the Vice President of Instruction.  The memo is reviewed by the Vice President of Instruction and the Superintendent/President. Final approval rests with the Superintendent/ President, and is indicated by signature on the memo. The signed request is forwarded to the Human Resources Office.

It is also required that the faculty member attach documentation from the institution offering the course describing the proposed course and its unit value. The faculty member must indicate the number of quarter or semester units he/she expects to receive by completing the course. The Vice President of Instruction’s recommendation includes a calculation of the value of the course in units. Semester units are calculated 1:1. Quarter units are multiplied X .67.

A copy of the memo is sent to the faculty member once reviewed by the VPI and Superintendent/President. At that point the faculty member can go forward with enrolling in the course. A transcript with a final grade for the course must be submitted to the Human Resources Office.





Staff Development hours are optional for adjunct lecturers (excluding permanent, full-time faculty teaching overload, management and classified adjuncts) and are based on the number of hours an instructor teaches per week. If a lecturer’s load equates to 9 hours, then up to 9 hours of Staff Development can be earned. Earned Staff Development hours are offered only for lecturers who currently have a teaching assignment with the District during the current academic year and are only offered during the Fall and Spring semesters. Summer session does not count in regards to Staff Development. Staff development hours must be used within one year from the term in which they are earned. Staff Development pay will be paid out at the end of the semester earned due to potential load limit changes. Any remaining staff development hours will be rolled over for one year.

Staff Development includes activities that:

  • Improve and increase instructors’ knowledge of academic subjects they teach and enable instructors to become highly qualified
  • Are an integral part of Instruction and district-wide educational improvement plans
  • Improve classroom Instruction
  • Are high quality, sustained, intensive and classroom-focused in order to have a positive and lasting impact on the classroom instruction and the instructor’s performance in the classroom
  • Are aligned with and directly related to state academic content standards, student academic achievement standards and assessments and the curricula and programs tied to the standards
  • To the extent appropriate, provide training for instructors in the use of technology so that technology and technology applications are effectively used in the classroom to improve teaching and learning in the curricula and core
  • Academic subjects in which the instructors teach
  • Provide instruction in methods of teaching those with special needs
  • Include instruction in the use of data and assessments to inform and instruct classroom practice

Activities not included are:

  • Activities that cannot be directly linked to attainment of knowledge and pedagogy related to teaching assignment
  • Activities that are required to maintain licensing and certification


The District will offer a three (3) semester unit In-Service class each year as available Staff Development. In-Service days during August and January offered by the District can be used for Staff Development as well as outside activities, both of which will require pre-approval from the Vice President of Instruction. A satisfactory equivalent may be considered in the fields of travel, research, community service, work experience including college summer school teaching only if these activities are of outstanding educational value in related fields. May In-Service especially can only be used for Staff Development if approved by the Vice President of Instruction prior to the activity. Full attendance is required when attending a District In-Service activity; partial attendance will not qualify unless pre-approved by the Vice President of Instruction, however, hours paid cannot exceed the number of hours taught per week.

Conversion Chart:

Semester Equivalent CEU Actual Clock Hours(Direct Instructional Hours earned over multiple days)
1 3 30
3 9 90
6 18 180