In-Service and Flex Time

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In-Service 55720

Offering Classes Under Flexible Calendar; Accountability of Employees Under Contract for 175 Days; Activities.(a) Subject to the approval of the Chancellor pursuant to section 55724, a community college district may designate an amount of time in each fiscal year for employees to conduct staff, student, and instructional improvement activities. These activities may be conducted at any time during the fiscal year. The time designated for these activities shall be known as “flexible time.”(b) A district with an approved flexible calendar may designate as flexible time for an employee not more than 8.57 percent of that employee’s contractual obligation for hours of classroom instruction which are eligible for state apportionments in that academic year, exclusive of any intersessions.

Note: Authority cited: Sections 66700, 70901 and 84890, Education Code. Reference: Sections 70901 and 84890, Education Code.

Flex Days

Substitution (flex) days are days that full time faculty may accumulate when they engage in a professional activity during non work hours. Examples of types of activities that may apply are: conference attendance, special classes, presentations, or faculty workshops. In some cases, summer travel may apply as well. Substitution (flex) days are not automatically granted. Approval of activities as substitution (flex) days are secured by sending a memo describing the activity and the number of hours proposed for credit to the Vice President of Instruction. The vice president will respond to the faculty member and will notify the Instructional Assistant if the hours have been granted or not. (Occasionally, activities scheduled and open to faculty participation will have prior approval and it is not necessary to request approval individually in these instances. In these cases, publicity for the event will state this clearly.)Substitution (flex) days (or hours) may be utilized only during the August or January Non-Instructional Days, and only for non-required activities. Sick leave or personal necessity leave must be used for required meetings.

The Instructional Assistant keeps an accounting of all approved substitution (flex) days. Faculty should note the intention to utilize substitution days on the “Non-Instructional Days Project Form,” which is distributed prior to each upcoming non-instructional days schedule.