Requesting Installation of MicroGrade

  1. Instructor requests MicroGrade to be installed on his/her computer to Clarissa Espino, Integrated Technology
  2. Integrated Technology Support Technician will verify if there is a license available for the installation.
  3. Integrated Technology Support Technician will notify the Multi-media Technician to perform installation of the software.

Deactivating MicroGrade

  1. Instructor will click on the link to MicroGrade’s instructions on how to Deactivate MicroGrade on his/her computer.
    a. Follow the instructions on the MicroGrade Deactivation Guide.
  2. Instructor will notify Clarissa Espino, Integrated Technology Support Technician of the deactivation of the software. Prefer email.

NOTE: If the Instructor is not able to perform the above process, then Instructor will notify Clarissa Espino, Integrated Technology Support Technician that he/she wishes to remove MicroGrade from computer. Prefer email.

MicroGrade Importing Student Roster

Export Course Roster from Banner

  1. Log into Cougar Tracks
  2. Click Faculty Services
  3. Click Rosters

In the Rosters form, click the EXCEL option next to the course you wish to import into MicroGrade

Modify the Excel file

    1. Open the Excel file you generated in Banner with the instructions from above
    2. Delete the first 2 rows in the spreadsheet

a. Delete the column headers and remove all spaces so that the first student’s ID is in cell 1A
b. MicroGrade does not need the column headers for the import process

    1. Click on File . . . Save As
    2. In the Save As dialog box,

a. Click on the Save As Type drop-down list
b. Select Text (Tab Delimited)(*.txt)
c. Click OK

Import Course Roster into MicroGrade

    1. Open MicroGrade
    2. Click on the Students tab
    3. Select Import Students option
    4. Select User Defined Template
    5. When you are prompted to select a file to import from, select the Tab Delimited Text file that you saved from the instructions from above
    6. When you are prompted to select an import template, select the template for Windows or Mac depending on your operating system

a. Distance Learning has the import template files on their shared directory so please request for a copy
of these files

  1. When you are prompted that “Automated IDs are selected, overwrite existing Student ID”, select No
  2. Import is complete