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Name Instructor of Email Telephone Office Office Hrs & Classes
Abbott, Amar Dr. High-Tech Access Specialist (661) 763-7977 Adm 131
Adriano, Christi Dental Hygiene (661) 763-7950 Dental Hygiene View
Alfaro, Antonio Learning Disabilities Specialist (661) 763-7927 Adm 130 View
Altenhofel, Jennifer Dr. History, Sociology, Geography (661) 763-7728 T6f View
Bandy, Kanoe Business, Computer Science, Management, Physical Education (661) 763-7779 Gym View
Beasley, Michelle Early Care, Ed. and Family Studies, Psychology (661) 763-7911 G7a View
Berry, Wendy Biology View
Blake, Paul Engineering (661) 763-7736 E3d View
Bledsoe, Adam Business, Management, Economics (661) 763-7781 G2G View
Bogle, Darcy Counselor SSSP/STEM (661) 763-7889 Adm 171 View
Brown, Jill TRIO Director/Counselor (661) 763-7812 Adm 154
Cahoon, Nathan Mathematics (661) 763-7844 S5A View
Carlson, Kamala English, Reading (661) 763-7825 T6b View
Chaidez, Joe’ll Testing Coordinator, Assessment Specialist (661) 763-7962 Testing Center
Champion, Diana Dental Hygiene (661) 763-7753 Dental Hyg View
Chung-Wee, Christopher Dr. English (661) 763-7820 T6j View
Devine, Bill English (661) 763-7883 G5b View
Duron, Candace Student Success/Counselor (661) 763-7934 Adm 152 View
Dyer, Geoffrey English (661) 763-7724 G7b View
Eigenauer, John Dr. Philosophy (661) 763-7722 Gym View
Eveland, Sharyn Dr. Psychology, Sociology (661) 763-7866 Lib 336 View
Flachmann, Christopher Student Success/Counselor (661) 763-7858 Adm 151 View
Gardner, Gina Dental Hygiene (661) 763-7752 Dental Hyg View
Getty, Shelley Mathematics (661) 763-7960 S5d View
Golling, Greg Dr. Biology (661) 763-7932 S5L View
Gonzalez, Lourdes Student Success/Counselor (661) 763-7830 Adm 114
Hershkowitz, Eric Dr. Dental Hygiene (661) 763-7793 G2f View
Jacobi, Victoria Dr. Articulation Office & SLO Coordinator (661) 763-7719 Adm 170 View
Jarrahian, Abbas Dr. Biology (661) 763-7777 S5o View
Jiles, Michael Administration of Justice, Criminal Justice Administration (661) 763-7717 G6b View
Jimenez Murguia, Salvador Sociology (661) 763-7730 G4a View
Jones, Diane Mathematics (661) 763-7821 S5e View
Kerr, Danielle English (661) 763-7785 T6E View
Kulzer-Reyes, Kelly English, English as a Second Language (661) 763-7929 G2e View
Lytle, Steve Dr. Biology (661) 763-7976 S5j View
Maiocco, Vince Health Education, Physical Education (661) 763-7822 Gym View
Martinez, Julian Spanish (661) 763-7702 T6k View
Martinez, Mariza Mathematics (661) 763-7743 S5g View
May, James Chemistry, Geology (661) 763-7735 S5i View
Mayfield, Michael Chemistry (661) 763-7759 S5m View
Mendenhall, Janis Disabled Students Programs & Services/Counselor (661) 763-7827 Adm 132 View
Mendoza, Tina History (661) 763-7860 T6c View
Mitchell, David Mathematics, Statistics (661) 763-7912 S5b View
Oja, Michelle Dr. Psychology (661) 763-7780 T6d View
Page, Jason Business & Economics (661) 763-7761 G2c View
Payne, Ruby Mathematics (661) 763-7930 S5c View
Polski, Robin Psychology and ECEFS (661) 763-7835 G5A View
Rangel-Escobedo, Juana Student Success/Counselor (661) 763-7898 Adm 112 View
Reynolds, David Physics, Astronomy, Chemistry (661) 763-7965 S5n View
Reynolds, Joy Mathematics (661) 763-7971 S5F View
Richards, Kristi Counselor (661) 763-7813 Adm 111
Rodenhauser, Debora Art (661) 763-7771 T6h View
Roth, Rebecca Early Care, Ed. and Family Studies, Psychology (661) 763-7772 G6a View
Smith, Terri Research and Instruction Librarian, Information Competency (661) 763-7817 Lib 350 View
Sundgren, Lori Pre-Collegiate Success Coordinator (661) 763-7747 Lib 332
Taylor, Christopher Dr. Chemistry (661) 763-7778 Testing Center View
Thompson, Tony Health Education, Physical Education (661) 763-7740 Adm 154 View
Travis, Lori Speech (661) 763-7726 G2a View
Webster, Kyle Biology (661) 763-7763 Testing Center View
Woodall, Natalie Counselor (661) 763-7755 Adm 113
Name Instructor of Email Telephone Office Office Hrs & Classes
Agundez, Adrian Computer Science View
Anderson, Ian Political Science
Aycock, Bette Dental Hygiene View
Brennan, Sean Geography View
Brixey, Gabrielle Head Softball Coach, Computer Science, and Management View
Brown, Sharon Early Childhood Education & Family Studies View
Buchanan, Joseph Physical Education View
Bunk, Gary Welding
Burnham, Kyle Music View
Cable, April English View
Chairez, Yvonne Dental Hygiene
Clemons, Reginald Dr. Criminal Justice Administration View
Colaw, Rebecca Psychology View
Combs, Noelle Political Science View
Conners, April Biology View
Corlew, Devon Management View
Cottrell, Angela Business View
Cutrona, Angelo Head Men's Soccer Coach, Physical Education (661) 763-7832 View
Cutrona, Myisha Head Women's Soccer Coach, Physical Education (661) 763-7887 View
Dimayuga, Anna Fine Art View
Duncan, Brandon Dr. History View
Dunham, Geoffrey Management
Durkan, Jana Management View
Echeverria, Amy Drama View
Fariss, Jeff Health Education View
Ferguson, Bruce Physical Education, Health Education (661) 763-7729 Gym View
Furman, Tori Student Success and Work Experience
Garcia, Olivia History View
Gee, Steven Physical Education
Golling, Leigh Speech, Drama View
Gonzalez, Omar History View
Goodman, Daniel Computer Science View
Guitron, Anna Spanish View
Hall Silveira, Margaret Early Childhood Education and Family Studies View
Hall, Daniel Dr. Computer Science View
Hanawalt, April Sociology View
Hickman, Ryan English, Biology View
Hill-Crim, Margaret Biology View
Howell, Christina Dr. Early Childhood Education & Family Studies View
Jennings, Sandra Dental Hygiene View
Kashani, Tony Dr. Humanities View
Layne, David Dr. Business, Business Administration, Management, Economics
Lidgett, Nick EMT View
Lindquist, Erica Art History View
Lohman, Benjamin Communications & Journalism View
Maciel, Andrea English View
Mansi, Gregory History View
McDaniel, Steven Speech, English View
Mickelberry, Gracie Counseling (661) 763-7847 Adm 115
Montelongo, Maribel Spanish View
Nelms, Daniel Head Women's Basketball Coach, Physical Education
Niday, George Welding
Nunez, Joseph Dr. Dental Hygiene
Payne, Aarron Welding View
Payne, Bryan Welding View
Raber, Tabitha Criminal Justice Administration View
Reed, Nyoka Art View
Rients, Amy Early Childhood Education & Family Studies View
Romero, Megan Early Childhood Education and Family Studies View
Rozar, Tanna English View
Ruff, Mandy Business View
Salinas, Mario Occupational Safety & Health View
Schoneweis, Caroline English View
Sheibani, Shahrzad Business View
Sicari, Chad Occupational Safety & Health View
Smith, Amanda Early Childhood Education & Family Studies View
Smith, Gaysha Art, Art History View
Sorensen, Chad Head Men's Golf Coach, Physical Education
Swenson, Sonja Art History, Humanities View
Taibjee, Sukena Information Competency View
Vallejo, Ben Biology & Health Education View
VanRy, Veronica Sociology View
VanSistine-Yost, Linda Information Competency View
Villa, Walter Political Science View
Wessely, Jason Administration of Justice View
White, Marisol Sociology View
Wymore, Dave Administration of Justice View