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Cut and Paste with Etudes

Cut and paste is just like how it sounds. In Kindergarten you cut a picture out of magazines and pasted it on paper. In computer lingo, you cut text or graphics and paste them in the same or another document. Try it now On your computer, Cut text from the screen and Paste into a text area in your Word Processing program.

Highlight text then click the right mouse button - select copy.

Move pointer to target location, click the right mouse button - select paste.

If it doesnt work:

Netscape and Internet Explorer use Ctrl-C to copy the highlighted area, or the whole page, then Ctrl V to paste. AOL uses Ctrl-C, and then Ctrl-V to copy the highlight and Ctrl-V to paste instead of the right mouse button.

TIP: Highlighting - To select an area, hold the left mouse button down while moving the mouse. Hold the Shift key down while pressing the left mouse button to extend a selected area. Ctrl+left mouse button may be used when a list of files is offered (add to/remove from list).

"How Do I Paste Into the Assignment Desk in Etudes?"

Many instructors suggest that you write and save your work in Microsoft Word before pasting it in the Assignment Desk. This is a great idea so that you have your work in case you lose it in the process of posting it.

To PASTE a MSWord document into the Assignment Desk, please follow these steps closely:

  1. Open your MSWord document.
  2. Click on EDIT (menu bar) and then choose "Select All."
  3. Click on EDIT again and then select "Copy."
  4. Connect to the internet and log into the Etudes Course.
  5. Click on "Assignment Desk" and then on the LINK of the ASSIGNMENT that you wish to submit.
  6. Scroll down to the window for the assignment and click INSIDE it (anywhere inside the box) with the mouse.
        (The cursor MUST be inside the window for text to be pasted.)
  7. Click on the EDIT button of your browser (menu bar) and then on PASTE.
  8. You are now ready to click on the "submit assignment" button.

These eight steps may seem long but they are basic word processing commands.

Once you do this a couple of times, it will become second nature.

That's it!

Anything else have you stumped?  Just call the Distance Learning Help Desk and ask!

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