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Is Distance Learning Right for You?

We are glad you are asking this question. Distance learning is not for every student. Choosing the right mode of learning is as important as choosing the right pair of pantsthe fit is important. People learn in different ways, at different rates, and have preferred learning styles. No one style of learning is better than another. Different learning types do better with different modes of learning. Some students enjoy listening to lectures and taking notes while others enjoy working in small groups. Visual learners tend to do well in distance learning courses. Others learn to adapt. Find out about your learning preference by taking the following Learning Styles Inventory:

The following questionnaire might help you determine your readiness for distance learning:

  • Take our self-assessment questionnaire.
    This questionnaire will help give you an idea whether or not you have the personality traits, learning aptitude, technical knowledge, hardware and software, and study skills for online learning.

Additional information regarding your readiness for this program can be found under frequently asked questions.