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Proctor Procedures

While many classes have online exams, many also require proctored (supervised) exams. If your class requires a proctored exam, you should take your exam in the Taft College Learning Resource Center (LRC) if you live within driving distance of Taft College.

The LRC is now located in the new library next to the admin building.
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Current LRC Proctor Hours

The following limitations will be in effect:
The student MUST schedule an appointment with the LRC Staff to take an exam.

The LRC phone number is 661.763.7783. 

Proctors Qualifications

If you cannot come to the Taft College LRC to take to take your exams, you are responsible for finding an acceptable individual to proctor (supervise) your exam. People in the following positions are recommended, but the final approval is up to your instructor:

  • full-time school or public librarian
  • guidance counselor/counseling staff
  • full-time teacher
  • school principal
  • school superintendent
  • seminary principal
  • IST officers
  • corporate training officer
  • military base/station education officer
  • base commander
  • librarian

Relatives can not be approved proctors.

Your proctor must be pre-approved by your instructor.

Allow at least two weeks for your proctor to receive the exams. You are responsible for monitoring your own deadlines. Your proctor may not fax your exam.