HTML - Basic Tips for Coding Your Web Pages

  • bulleted text
  • more bullets
  • replace with your own material
   <li>bulleted text</li>
   <li>more bullets</li>
   <li>replace with your own</li>
  1. numbered text
  2. a numbered list
  3. more...
<li>numbered text</li>
<li>a numbered list</li>
  1. letter
  2. more
  3. and to use lower case set ol="a"
<ol type="A">
<li>letter </li>
<li>more </li>
<li>and to use lower case set ol type="a"</li>

To insert pictures (and remember to use gif for graphics and jpg for pictures at 72 dpi for fast load times)

Taft College Campus Quad with the text wrapped around it on the left or

<p><img border="0" src="" alt="TC quad" align="left" width="300" height="200"> with the text wrapped around it on the left or</p>


with text wrapped around it on the right <p align="right"><img border="0" src="" alt="LRC picture" align="right" width="144" height="148">with text wrapped around it on the right.</p>


There are six different HTML codes to use as headings they are:

Heading One  

Heading Two

Heading Three

Heading Four

Heading Five
Heading Six
<h1 align="left">Heading One</h1>

<h2 align="left">Heading Two</h2>

<h3 align="left">Heading Three</h3>

<h4 align="left">Heading Four</h4>

<h5 align="left">Heading Five</h5>

<h6 align="left">Heading Six</h6>

To change the color of your text, here are the major colors available

red   blue   green   navy   fuchsia    lime green   purple   gray   silver  maroon
<font color="#FF0000">red</font> <font color="#0000FF">blue</font><font color="#008000">green</font> <font color="#000080">navy</font> <font color="#FF00FF">fuchsia</font><font color="#00FF00">lime green</font> <font color="#800080">purple</font><font color="#808080">gray</font> <font color="#C0C0C0">silver</font><font color="#800000">maroon</font>

<font color="#663300">Dark Brown</font>     <font color="#996633">Brown</font>

to see a visual of all web-safe colors visit

To bold, italicize, or underline bold   italicize   underline  
 <strong>bold</strong> <em>italicize</em> <u>underline</u> note: underlining is NOT recommended on a webpage

Also, these can be used together: bold italics  
<strong><em>bold italics</strong></em>

When changing from the default font, keep in mind that some computers may not support exotic fonts like DomCasual BT. Standard fonts that should work across platforms are New Times Roman, Arial,  and Courier
<font face="Times New Roman">New Times Roman, </font> <font face="Arial">Arial, and </font><font face="Courier">Courier</font>

To insert a URL  - Taft College Distance Learning Home
<a href="">Taft College Distance Learning Home</a>

To insert a URL that opens in a new window - Taft College Distance Learning Home
<a target="_blank" href="">Taft College Distance Learning Home</a>

To start a paragraph section use <p>skdjfsdlkfj</p>

To force a line break within a paragraph use <br>

To use a horizontal line to break up sections  <hr>

type size 2 in arial