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What is Distance Learning?

Distance Learning provides a quality education for people who lead busy lives and desire to start or continue pursing their educational goals. Distance Learning courses are just like traditional on-campus classes. You take your courses with a group of other students. Your instructors are experienced professionals in their prospective fields. Throughout your courses, you have ongoing, individual and group dialogs with instructors and other students.

The difference is there is no classroom to go to. There is no commute. You will never have conflicts with family obligations, business travel, or vacations. There is no chance of arriving late or missing a class because of illness or lack of childcare.

Taft College offers two types of Distance Learning courses: Distance Learning Offline and Distance Learning Online. Each is designed to facilitate your learning experience with the special advantages that Distance Learning offers, including

  • More individualized instruction
  • Fitting college into your busy schedule
  • Easy access to your instructors through email and voice mail
  • A multimedia approach to learning

What are the technical requirements?

Hardware/software requirements for Distance Learning Online courses include the following:

  • Computer, either IBM compatible or a Macintosh
  • Modem, 56K or faster
  • A web browser software, preferable Netscape 7.0 or Internet Explorer 6.0 or higer
  • An email program (Taft College provides free email accounts)
  • A word processing program
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader Download the free reader

Online courses require you have access to the Internet through your own Internet Service provider or through one of the colleges computer labs.

Offline courses do not require you to have Internet access. Materials may be available through the internet, but they can also be mailed to you if you prefer. Contact your instructor or the Distance Learning Help Desk for individual course requirements.

Is Distance Learning Right for You?

Although distance learning is a new and exciting way to take college course, it is not the right mode of delivery for every student. The Is Distance Learning Right for You questionnaire will give you an idea whether or not you have the right tools for online learning.

Program Highlights

Taft College is continually working on adding courses and programs to its distance learning program. Be sure to check out our Distance Learning Program Highlights to see a listing of degree programs available. In addition, our online advisors will be happy to answer any questions regarding degree requirements.

Ready to Register?

Are you ready to begin the enrollment process? Our Admissions staff are ready to help you get started. You can complete the process through the online steps outlined in the link, Apply & Register. Contact the distance learning help desk for assistance.

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