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Q: How is distance learning different?

  1. For a thorough overview of what distance learning is about, please visit our Getting Started section and go through the distance learning orientation. Most of your questions will be answered there.

    Review Tips for Success in Online Classes from the Online Survival Guide.

Q: Can anyone sign up for a distance learning course at Taft College?

  1. The distance learning courses offered through Taft College DLI are open to anyone. Individual courses may have unique requirements, prerequisites, or testing requirements. Review the course orientations closely before you enroll. Be sure to complete the distance learning orientation to ensure that you have chosen the right mode of deliver.

Q: Are there required meetings for your distance learning classes?

  1. There are no required on-site meetings for Taft Colleges distance learning courses. If you are taking an online course, your instructors will expect you to log on to the course a few times a week. You may also be expected to participate in discussions, turn in assignments and take exams by stated deadlines.

Q: What kind of internet connection is needed?

  1. You must have regular, reliable internet access (a 56K modem is strongly recommended) if you are to succeed in your course. Make sure you have a back-up plan (use of a campus, library, work, or a friends system) in case you experience problems with your own computer or your Internet Service Provider.
    Important note: if you use AOL to access the internet, you MUST open your web connection with AOL and then minimize the AOL browser and open Internet Explorer.

Q: Are the distance learning course self-paced?

  1. No, the distance learning courses at Taft College are not self-paced. Each will have set schedules, weekly deadlines, and beginning and ending dates. They are instructor-led. You will not be left on your own. If you have special needs and must follow a slower (or faster) pace, please discuss your situation with the course instructor or our Student Support Services program.

Q: Are distance learning courses transferable?

  1. The courses you will take through DLI are the same courses you would take on our campus. They have all been through the necessary approval process to be taught through distance learning. They are transferable to other community college systems, and those courses that number 149 are university level and will transfer to the four-year system.

Q: Can I complete a course earlier or later than the specified time?

  1. No, our distance learning courses are not self-paced. The course offerings are available on the same semester system as on-site courses. Due dates for coursework and assignments are set by each instructor. Some instructors may allow students to complete and submit work earlier. Please contact your instructor for more information on schedule variations.

Q: What if I need to have adaptive software or equipment to access the internet?

  1. Students with disabilities often require adaptive software and hardware to access the internet or to use with word processing programs. If you have special needs, you are welcomed to use the computers in the Student Support Services area, as needed to complete assignments for your courses. Getting access to adaptive tools OUTSIDE the Taft College Campus is the responsibility of each student. Your local agency may be able to assist you in identifying and/or acquiring such tools. For accommodations due to a disability, please contact Student Support Services and inform your instructor within the first week so any special arrangements can be made.

Q: What if I start a class and decide it is just not appropriate for me?

  1. If you find a class is not appropriate for you, you should drop that course as soon as possible. Refer to the posted Add/Drop deadline sheet to see if the deadline for dropping has passed. Your instructor will not drop you. You need to contact the college Counseling Center, the Distance Learning Help Desk, or you counselor or advisor to make sure the appropriate paperwork is filed.

Q: Do I need to apply to the college before I can register for a distance learning course?

  1. Yes, all students wanting to take classes through DLI must fill out an online application each semester. Follow the Steps to Registration to complete the application and registration process. Matriculated students receive priority registration each semester. This becomes extremely important when trying to register for general education courses, which fill quickly.

Q: Do I need to buy a textbook for my online class?

  1. Most of our classes require textbooks, which for the most part are available on a rental system. Some require workbooks, which must be purchased. Please refer to the course orientation page for information on materials and textbooks for your course. Books may be picked up on campus or ordered through the online bookstore. The bookstore staff will process your order and have the books delivered through UPS.

Q: How do I know if I am the right type for this mode of learning?

  1. People learn in many different ways. Some students enjoy listening to lectures and taking notes while others enjoy working in small groups. Visual learners tend to do best in distance learning classes. Others learn to adapt. Be sure to review the information provided under Getting Started. Find out about your learning preference by taking the following questionnaire: Learning Styles Inventory. (Developed by Barbara A. Soloman, North Carolina State University.)

Q: How much will it cost to take distance learning courses?

  1. There is no difference between the tuition and fees for distance learning and traditional classes. These are mandated by the State. For information on tuition and fees, please see the Financial Obligation page set up by Admissions.

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