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Computer graphicOnline Survival Guide
A Basic Guide to the Internet for Online Students & Faculty

California Virtual Campus Stepping Into the 21st Century


Welcome to the Wonderful (but Sometimes Frustrating) World of Online Learning! This booklet is a guide on how to succeed in online education. The first section is particularly important for beginning students. Make sure you understand what you’re getting into—online classes are not for everyone. But for many students, online classes provide a convenient, effective way to learn using the latest technologies. The Online Student Survival Guide is produced by the California Virtual Campus Regional Center for the Greater Los Angeles Area located at Rio Hondo College. The California Virtual Campus (CVC) is comprised of four Regional Centers and a Professional Development Center (see the appendix for a complete listing of the Centers).  The CVC’s purpose is to help community colleges increase the quantity and quality of online courses in California. But the real measure of our success is the number of students who have a successful learning experience online. Hopefully, this booklet will you achieve your goal in learning online!

Andy Howard, Coordinator
California Virtual Campus
@ Rio Hondo College

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Chapter 2

Chapter 3

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