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Online Course Management Systems


Taft College utilizes ETUDES, a course management system for some distance learning online courses. When Logging in, do not use the information you would use to login to Canvas

How to Login to Etudes:

User Id: First 2 letters of first name + First 2 letters of last name + Last 5 digits of A number

Password: (Very First time login ONLY): MonthDay of birthday (mmdd)


Name: Jose Garcia

A number: A00123456

Birthdate: January 01, 1997

User Id: joga23456

*Password: 0101

*Returning users will log in with their previously made passwords



Taft College also utilizes Moodle as a course management system for some of our Math and Science courses. The word Moodle is an acronym for Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment. Anyone who uses Moodle is a Moodler. Moodle can be access from any platform using any standard browser.


When logging in, instead of putting your email in, you will want to use your full A number (Do NOT use your Email)

How To Login to Canvas

Username will be your A number with a Capital A.

Password will be the first letters from your first and last name and the last 6 numbers of your student ID #. (no spaces, first letter is capitalized)

Example: Jose Garcia ID: A00123456


Password = Jg123456

For returning users: If you are having trouble getting back into Canvas call the Distance Ed Help Desk at 661-763-7917

Click Here To Login To Canvas