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The Taft College Dental Hygiene Program prepares students for employment comprehensive dental hygiene education and the students earn an Associate in Science Degree at the completion of the 2 year curriculum.

We believe the curriculum in the TCDH Program is of broad scope and depth to reflect the objectives and philosophy of higher education by fulfilling the Mission of the Community Colleges and the Dental Practice Act.  The curriculum provides content that increases knowledge and skill so students successfully pass the national and clinic board exams and obtain a license to practice dental hygiene.   

Dental hygiene curriculum is designed so that each semester builds upon the next in both didactic and clinical courses.  Students must successfully complete prerequisites before they are eligible to apply to the program.  Students must successfully complete all courses in order to move into the next semester.

The following are major subject areas:

  1. Prevention of disease transmission
  2. Patient/operator positioning
  3. Time and motion management
  4. Prevention and/or management of emergency situations
  5. Comprehensive patient assessment
  6. Diagnosis and planning of dental hygiene care
  7. Principles and methods of dental hygiene intervention
  8. Principles and methods of evaluating outcomes of dental hygiene care                  
  9. Monitoring and record keeping
  10. Professional ethics

Below is a PDF of all the TCDH courses and the units and hours of each course beginning Fall 2018.

 AS program 2021