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Taft College has suspended all club activities.  Per Governor Newsom’s orders, the campus will be closed until further instruction from administration.  Check the Taft College main page often for updates.


Taft College’s Student Life Program is designed to engage students in extra-curricular activities that enrich their intellectual, ethical, and social development. The area of Student Life is committed to providing a variety of arenas where students have the opportunity to practice student self-governance, learn respect for diverse groups, learn civic responsibility, and develop life skills to carry on beyond college. Through student activities, student equity, and work-study, students are encouraged to grow as leaders and to improve on or develop the following components: ability to provide direction, to lead courageously, to foster teamwork, to motivate others, to build relationships, to coach their peers, and to act with integrity.

All activities designed and implemented by student clubs under the student life program must be in alignment with the overall mission of Taft College.

Student Life Program Goals:

  • Develop leadership skills through the organization and implementation of activities and club meetings.
  • Learn to work cohesively with all club members and members of different clubs or campus
    organizations as well as staff, faculty, and administration.
  • Facilitate a means of communication between Taft College students, faculty, administration, and staff
    as well as the community.
  • Cultivate creative thinking skills to create an environment that encourages diversity
  • Become active members and role models in the Taft Community


Clery Education

Sexual Assault

The Student Union will remain closed.  If you have question you can send an email to