CalWORKs Work-Study Program

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CalWORKs Work-Study Program


The CalWORKs Work-Study program provides paid work opportunities that will enable CalWORKs students to meet CalWORKs work requirements while pursuing an educational program, provide students with work experience that will make them more marketable when they finish their educational program, and provide them with an additional source of income within the requirements of the CalWORKs program.

CalWORKs students are eligible for on-campus work-study employment that can vary from Cafeteria Aid, Janitorial, Instructional Aid, Bookstore Aid, plus many more.

Students can work up to 20 hours per week during the spring and fall semesters and up to 32 hours per week during the summer semester when funding is available.

CalWORKs work-study is a needs based program. There is a max amount of aid each academic year that the college can award a student. The CalWORKs and financial Aid staff can help assist you if you have questions or concerns regarding the amount of aid you are awarded at Taft college.


Work-Study opportunities may include



Center for Independent Living (CIL)



Student Services

Career Center


Contact the Taft College CalWORKs staff if you are interested in work-study.


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