Payment Reminder – Spring 2019

Payment Reminder – Spring 2019

Students who are pre-registering must pay their enrollment fees or secure financial aid by the following dates:
Spring 2019 – December 12, 2018
Students may be dropped from units in which they are enrolled if fees have not been paid, financial aid has not been established, or a payment plan has not been initiated by 4:00pm on the deadline specified above. Do not assume non-attendance will result in an automatic refund.

Enrollment fees incurred after the payment deadlines established for each semester are due by 4:00pm on the day in which courses are added.
Pay online:
Pay by phone: 661-763-7713
IMPORTANT REMINDER: Drops or refunds are not automatic simply by non-attendance. The student is ultimately liable and deemed responsible for withdrawing from or dropping classes that he/she will not be attending; it is not the responsibility of the instructor.

Click Here to download a copy of this reminder.

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