Students in the program range in age from under 20 to over 50 years old. Most of the students commute from Bakersfield. About a quarter of the students are residents of Taft. The majority of the individuals in the program are part-time students as most are working adults. Several of the students currently work in the oil & gas sector and some have received promotion within their companies. While a number of students are looking for opportunities to continue their studies to a four-year college/university, others are looking for a career change. A number of our students have received paid internship opportunities with some of our oil & gas sector partners. By the end of the Spring 2013 semester, approximately 14 students will either receive a certificate and/or his/her associate degree in the program. Approximately, 30 students are expected to complete the program by the end of 2014.

Hi! My name is Joni and I am currently a student in the Energy Technology Program. I decided to pursue my AS in Energy Technology because I saw the interest that oil companies had and knew it would open up great opportunities for me within the industry. I have been offered a paid summer internship with Chevron for Summer 2013. Being part of this program has allowed me to meet new people in the industry and has also given me the opportunity to see interesting new technology. I am excited for what my future holds!
I am Daniel Mudge and my educational goal is to receive a degree and certifications in the Energy Technology program. I chose this major as I was looking for a career change and I have always been interested in the energy industry. What I really like about the program is been able to meet all of the different people in the oil industry. I also really enjoy how the course/program is set-up that you can get your certificate alot faster!
My name is Amy Glagovich and I am currently majoring in the Energy Technology program. I am currently employed in the oil industry and looking to further develop myself professionally so that I may take advantage of future opportunities. I appreciate the fact that this program offers courses in the evenings, weekends, and online so that people who work during the day can attend. I find all of the Microsoft and oil/gas energy classes very useful.