The energy technology program came as a result of a desire and commitment from the energy industry, primarily the oil & gas sector and Taft College to support education and training efforts to prepare individuals to enter the workforce and/or advance their careers within in the energy industry. This program includes an associate in science degree and five certificate options. The program learning outcomes are: I. Students will be able to demonstrate technical competencies and safe practices through applied tasks, and II. Students will be able to apply ethical and professional skills in various settings. The program started in Fall 2010 with approximately 21 students. As of Spring 2013, there were approximately 90 students in the program.

The program is designed to provide training and education in technical and professional skills to enable individuals to work in the energy industry. Technicians with the education and training can provide support and assistance to engineers, geologists, and operations staff in a variety of jobs fields. Skills attained will be transferable to related professions within the energy industry. Students in the program are also provided an opportunity to complete an internship with energy industry partners. Current internship partners include: Chevron, Linn Energy, Freeport-McMoRan Oil & Gas, and the US Bureau of Land Management to name a few.